Wisdom of the Heart



July 2018


TBD Orange County, California


Lynne Sheridan [View Profile]



Am I living a life of purpose?  How can I manifest my vision and be a source of positive change for our world and my own world?  How can I stand powerfully certain of my purpose in the midst of chaos?

Wisdom of the Heart invites you to embark on a powerful inward journey of accessing the wisdom of your own heart and shift from the power of love that is within.  In Wisdom of the Heart, you will be introduced to a life-changing type of breathing that can dissolve past trauma, and heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If you are familiar with breath work – this is not heart-centered breathing, yogic, or holotropic and is probably like nothing you have ever done before.

Now, perhaps more than ever before, we need to access and operate in our world from the Wisdom of the Heart, listening with compassion and acting courageously from love. Through a combination of theory, interactive exercises, deep powerful breathing sessions and meditation, Wisdom of the Heart will empower you to gently yet powerfully open to the message of your soul and live with newfound clarity and purpose.

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