Vibrant Living with Balance


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April 5 to 7


To Be Announced, Orange County


Lynne Sheridan [View Profile]



Do you experience overwhelm or pressure in the day-to-day of life? Does ‘balance’ sound like a nice concept, but you find it challenging to truly experience? Would you like to have some practical tools to stay in the flow?

Research shows that Americans want, but cannot seem to get: happiness, balance, peace and passion. In Vibrant Living with Balance, you can expect to:

  • Tap into a source of unlimited power to heal yourself, keep balance and bring peace.
  • Clear limiting patterns, emotional baggage, physical scars and spiritual wounds, creating news space within yourself.
  • Establish real practices to maintain your center.
  • Access inner wisdom with confidence in your own direction.
  • Live in flow and experience being in the zone.
  • Be present and available to happiness and fulfillment in the moment.

Through breath work, meditative practices and quick techniques to be in the zone, you will learn rituals to center yourself, cut through the noise and experience being in the flow of your life, fully alive.

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