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The Samurai Game® is an amazingly accurate mirror that allows you to see exactly how you live your everyday life. As the game unfolds, major life issues will come to the surface for you to confront and deal with. For some people, the main issue is commitment—the willingness to persevere, not give up, in the face of setbacks, difficulties, and even pain. For others, it’s honesty and integrity—the courage to speak the truth, even when speaking the truth means the possibility of rejection or becoming an outcast. For still others, what surfaces is the struggle between cowardice—giving in to fear—and courage, the willingness to risk, even to risk death (symbolically) for what you believe in. And for still others, the issue brought up by the game is trust—trust in themselves, trust in other people, trust in life itself. The list of major life issues that may surface in the game is endless, since the game is simply a mirror. But you can count on being challenged to face up to yourself in a deep and meaningful way.

Another challenge in the Samurai Game® for many people is the challenge of (symbolically) facing death. As you confront the possibility of dying in battle, you have an opportunity to contemplate the meaning of your life—and to face up to how brief this lifetime really is. For many participants, this is a chance to re-evaluate their priorities, and to gain a new level of clarity about what really matters.

The Samurai Game® is also an exercise in leadership and teamwork. Throughout the game, you will be presented with opportunities to lead—and opportunities to surrender completely to the leadership of others. The game will test you, and expose for you to see clearly your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and as a member of the team.

Participation in the Samurai Game® demands a high level of personal commitment and willingness to participate. Playing the game does not, however, require a high level of physical fitness or physical contact. Men and women from 18 to 80 years old, from all walks of life, have participated fully and created tremendous value in the Samurai Game®. As with any experiential process, the value you create will depend entirely on your willingness to participate fully and face up to yourself honestly

The Samurai Warrior Intensive benefits:

  • A profound shift in your habitual self defeating patterns.
  • A cellular shift in your integrity to your life and to your vision.
  • Fully expressing your courage to live life fully and with honor.
  • Making choices that contribute to the whole (your team, family, workplace, community) in an impactful way.
  • A breakthrough in experiencing life from a place of power vs. feeling “had” by life’s conditions and circumstances.
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