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  • Are you looking for a relationship that is empowering, powerful, intimate and joyful?
  • Are you confused about what it takes to create and maintain a loving, connected romantic relationship?
  • Do you notice patterns in the kind of men and women you attract?
  • Are you in a committed relationship yet yearn for more intimacy and partnership?
  • Are you afraid of totally committing to your partner, wanting to go for it, but afraid of losing your autonomy?
  • Do you feel in the dark when comes to understanding what makes men and/or women tick?

Join us for The Relationships Workshop!

This exciting and challenging workshop will take you on a journey of intimacy and fulfillment.

You are the space in which your relationships manifest. Consider that each of your relationships is a mirror of you, which reflects who you are being at that moment.

Men and women everywhere look for intimacy, that intrinsic human desire to nourish ourselves and rely on a deep and connected relationship, entrusting our whole heart to the care of another.

While perhaps we have tasted the sweetness of a magnificent love, the blissful ecstasy of intimacy, we have also known the agony of loss when a relationship ends or the fear that love implies the loss of our autonomy.

If you’re single and asking yourself why it seems so difficult to create and maintain a quality relationship, or if you are married and wondering why the blush of romance has lost its luster or if you are simply ready to arouse the passion and fire within you, this workshop is for you!

The Relationship Workshop will support you to open your heart, leaving aside your defenses.

You will cultivate a new path to true intimacy by:

  • Releasing your interpretation that maintains the cycles of disempowering relationships.
  • Exploring the practice of conscious love, opening your heart in times of pain, embracing the moment.
  • Learning to handle conflicts so that they become an opportunity to heal.
  • Developing the process of differentiation, breaking with codependency and balancing the needs of individuality and connection.
  • Defining and integrating the distinctions of masculine power and feminine grace.

The Relationships Workshop will take you to a new stage of personal development, giving you access to a new context within which you will be able to powerfully create meaningful relationships.

It also offers you the opportunity for a deeper understanding of the Masculine and Feminine principles.

This is a workshop that will transform your life.

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