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Adult: $495
Child: $295
Nuclear Family: $1,395


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The Family Training is a FUN, Exciting, and Powerful training for the whole family.

This training is designed to create a win-win in your family. To empower your family to live, work and play together with maximum love and contribution.

Who can participate?
Any two or more family members together: parent and child, parents and children, parents (including if divorced) with their children, primary care givers, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

All children must be accompanied by an adult, age 21 or over, and all children must be seven (7) years old or have completed the first grade. Children/young adults up to and including 18 years old can participate.

What’s the value?

  • The kids can finally do one of the trainings with Mom and Dad.
  • Your family creates a way to communicate where everyone gets an equal voice.
  • Your children create their own declaration of who they are in the world!
  • An opportunity to let go of your family’s history and create a future based on everyone’s vision.
  • Tools to create win-win situations long after the training is over!
  • Design and create the family that inspires you.
  • It’s LOADS OF FUN !!!!!

To Enroll: Click on register above or email

Adults – Open to the Public
Children – Age 7 (or Completed First Grade) to 18

Adults – $495*
Children – $295
Total for Nuclear Family – $1,395 (Moms/Dads/Partners/Children, does not include Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, or Primary Care Givers)
*Adults may use 100 WorldWorks Participation Points Each.

Our families are our most precious gift in life.
Use this weekend to create the family that truly inspires you…



After one week of being home, I can say with confidence and gratitude that our lives have been positively impacted by the Family Training. Every day has been distinct in the conversations we are having: how we are making agreements with each other, the language we are using, as well as letting each other know feedback throughout the day of how we are showing up for each other. We also have new language to use around times when we have specific needs… Code words that have the other person know immediately that there is an important need happening for one of us sometimes both. This clarity is gold in my family. I am so grateful for how much our lives have been enriched by this work. Each day is a new discovery – My life with my daughter and our day to day home life are newly empowering, fun and connected for us both! I am getting to know her even better every day. I recommend this for every family – worth every moment and dollar invested without question.

-Julie, Age 44


The WorldWorks Family training was an amazing experience for the Schauble family in creating an open and trusting space for everyone to honestly express themselves about what is and isn’t working in our family. This is especially important to Celia and I as we are a divorced couple raising two loving, kind, joyful, and independent boys. I learned that I get to break out of my doingness and create connection with my boys. I learned that I get to ask my boys and Celia for what I want. I learned to be vulnerable in asking my boys for feedback and to provide authentic feedback to them and really listen to their messages. I learned that the agreements that I make to my family are sacred and when I don’t follow through I destroy trust. Our sharing as a family through the training created so much love, tears, laughter, hugs, trust, and clarity.

I recommend that training for all families who are committed to building a loving, joyful, courageous, and trusting family.

-Darrin Schauble, Age 50
Sr Program Manager, Medtronic, Inc.


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