The Couples Retreat II



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$1895 – includes meals and lodging


To Be Announced


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The Couples Retreat II is open to participants who have completed Couples I and understand the communication tools presented, and the patterns or dance in which they engage as a couple. It is important that participants not only have a conceptual understanding of the practices, but also are actively utilizing what they learned in their relationship.

  • Expand on your understanding of the dance in which you are engaged and learn to change steps mid-dance;
  • Learn to read each other’s signals so that you are responding to what your partner is really saying versus what you think they are saying.
  • Have consistent compassion for your partner, even while in the midst of disagreements;
  • Develop and deepen your capacity for intimacy and the varied expressions of intimacy in relationship;
  • Stand clear in your own convictions and principles, without giving up yourself for your partner;
  • Become adept at fostering a deep and enriching attachment with your partner;
  • Enrich and enliven your friendship with your partner;
  • Learn and then put into practice ways to deepen your intimacy and expand your sexual expression in the privacy of your chalet with your partner.

Warm, comfortable private four-star lodging provided as well as nourishing meals in a family-style environment. There will be some unscheduled time where couples will have the opportunity to process with each other, hike, relax and rejuvenate their partnership.

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Pre-requisite: Couples I


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