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According to a BBC report: 

The importance of public speaking in your career:

 A survey of more than 600 employers in 2014 found that among the top skills recruiters look for, “oral communication” was number one and “presentation skills” number four.  Of those who did present, nearly 70% agreed it was critical to their success at work.

“Public speaking is no longer optional in your professional life,” agrees speaking coach Steve Bustin, author of The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking.

For the last 29 years, I have presented to and trained over 25,000 people. 
I have had thousands of people take action immediately to better their life and create breakthrough results in their career, health, money, relationships and family.

You can master influential and public speaking too!

Do you lead groups of people in your career?

Do you facilitate technical or sales training?

Do you speak in front of investors?

Do you want to influence your audience and add value to your presentations?

Do you speak at company functions, celebrations or award banquets?

Are a network marketer with a team of leaders to inspire?

Do you speak and inspire volunteers in a non-profit?

Most of us often speak to more than 2 or 3 other people at a time…if you do…then you are an Influential Speaker!

Join me as we embark on the Art of Influential Speaking I.
Public Speaking and Training is an art. An art that takes commitment and dedication to master.

Invest in your success by attending the WorldWorks Art of Influential Speaking I Workshop. Begin this extraordinary journey by investing in your future as a speaker and trainer.

  • Learn and experience the “beingness” of being a successful speaker and trainer
  • Learn a powerful speaking and training process that can work in any industry with any content
  • Practice really connecting with your audience so they are touched, moved and inspired
  • Receive supportive feedback before you go “live”
  • Begin to learn to sell and enroll from the front of the room
  • Learn how to move your audience to action
  • Overcome your fear of speaking in front of people

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I enrolled in AIS to learn how to communicate effectively with my clients and to feel more comfortable speaking up in general. What I have created… Wow!!!! Where do I start? AIS gave me both the behind the scenes secrets to being an Influential speaker and the support and encouragement I needed to learn and practice speaking up. AIS has given me the tools I need to share what I am passionate about. Teaching was something that, prior to AIS, I considered out of my reach. Now, I am not only speaking and teaching to small groups, I am applying for Instructor positions. Anyone who communicates, regardless of the method, can benefit from the AIS trainings. If you talk to clients or coworkers, if you give presentations to groups or to a single person, AIS is for you!

-Julia J.
Massage Therapist


This was one of the most powerful trainings, that I have ever taken. Now I appreciate how much work is needed to prepare for any speech. I have learned how to prepare, deliver and inspire the audience with any subject matter. Learning from other people’s speeches let me to create a lot of value and I applied it to my own speech. I strongly recommend the training to everyone.

-Michael Zarkesh
IT Consultant


I did not know what I didn’t know about how I showed up in front of people. I learned more about my investor deck from the weekend than from spending over 20K on consultants- How to ask for what I want, How to be with people in a whole new way, with a whole new project that I am presenting. I feel better prepared for my next round of investor and customer meetings.

-Tony Greco, Age 39
Psychologist, Entrepreneur


The Art of Influential Speaking workshop gave me a template that I can use to deliver my message and content whether for a three minutes speech or a three day workshop. I now have a system that I can easily duplicate to be an effective speaker. I broke through my fear of being in front of the people and transformed my beingness at front of the room from stiff and serious to joyful and comfortable. This was one of the most effective transformational trainings I’ve attended.

-Marykay Mullally, Age 56
Transformational Health Coach


The Training was a powerful way of gaining true, valuable skill sets, to support clearer, functional presentations that evoke and inspire others into action. There is a tremendous value to be able to present , multiple times and received valuable feedback from staff and other participants about presentation, its working items and its area of improvement. It allows you to leave with workable, usable skills to use immediately.

-Gerald Calamia, 46
Teacher, Patented Inventor, CEO of Ride Free Industries, Sports Coach


I started the Art of Influential Speaking on Friday with a lot of anxiety and almost fainted in front of the room. I can let you know with confidence that I have created a lot of value in the 3 days of the training. I feel more confident in my ability to speak in public. I was able to deliver a presentation that is clear, direct, engaging and passionate. I had been putting off my dissertation defense for 3 years , and now feel confident in successfully defending my dissertation.

-Nidia Moran, 40
License Marriage and Family Therapists


I learned a tremendous amount about the elements of a good public speech, about connection with people through my message and purpose, and trusting in myself to deliver and connect. I was reminded how our energy and confidence in our self translates and it is transparent. I learned a tremendous amount of good, solid information and techniques. I had multiple opportunity to practice by speaking in front of the group, and obtain direct feedback. The power of having a team support is remarkable and effective.

-Marc Rosental, 58
Producer & Designer; CEO/Chairman of the Board of La League of Arts, President Owner – Personal Creations


The workshop was an amazing growth experience for me. I learned a format for presenting to a group that supports engaging the audience to listen to my message and to participate in it. I started being nervous, fearful, and distracted. Through the workshop I gained power, confidence, and connection with speaking. I am immediately using the skills in my career and differentiate myself with my ways of being. I feel this will lead to further opportunities for projects and promotion. This was a great workshop.

-Darrin Schauble, 49
Sr. Program Manager


I have been incorporating public speaking in my business for the last 4 years and the entire time I have resisted structure and practicing. I experienced how very clearly I was sabotaging myself from my next level of success. In a supportive environment, I took action on following the structure to craft a solid talk. I had a breakthrough in freedom and self confidence! I am excited to take everything I have learned out into the world! I highly recommend this training for creative people who are resisting structure. If that is you, you are limiting potential!!!

-Lauren K Wyatt, 35
Spiritual Healer & Guide, Love psychic, Business Owner


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