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The Are you tired of feeling like you never have enough time, enough money, enough of you? Does “abundance” seem like a far away dream? Abundance and prosperity is available to every one of us. In this workshop you will learn the fundamental principles that generate the experience of abundance for all human beings. You will be guided in applying these principles to the areas of your life that matter most to you!

True prosperity comes from the mindset you create and the beliefs that form the basis of that mindset. Find out how to create a mindset that allows for true prosperity.

In this fun, interactive workshop you will:

  • Breakthrough the limits that keep you from being abundant in all areas.
  • Experience more of you available for your heartfelt commitments.
  • Discover the mindset you have regarding wealth and finances, removing any barriers to your financial success.
  • Learn to experience the ease, fullness and abundance of time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day…how are you living yours?
  • Develop the mental, emotional, and spiritual basis from which you can access your most vibrant, vigorous health.
  • Begin implementing your plan for prosperity and success NOW!

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The value I’ve created through the Abundance training class was to “TRUST.” To trust myself, trust the universe that the power is within me to create all what I desire. I am abundant. And just to be in that space of abundance and surrender, magic has happened in my life. I’ve created more time, I am no longer rushing with my everyday tasks because I have created enough time to handle them. Therefore, I see and talk to my son more often. I use to struggle or worry about my finances now I don’t worry about because I trust the universe, and now I have enough. I’m outflowing. Thank you Lisa for this wonderful and valuable lesson of just be.

–Carmen Hernandez, Age 45


The Abundance and Prosperity is delicious , delightful and rich opportunity to open up the abundance and prosperity flow in life. I profoundly and clearly could see the way of having what I want in life and experienced a shift in the space of the weekend. I highly recommend this course for everyone who does not want to wait a moment longer to participate in the abundance in our Universe.

–Kara Randall, MA, LMT
Massage therapist and Trainer


The Abundance and Prosperity workshop was fun and profoundly impactful at the same time. I created clarity on what is blocking the flow of abundance in my life, cleared space for me to create what I am committed to and have specific steps which I can practice in order to create that abundance.

–MaryKay Mullally, Age 52
VP Technology


The Abundance and Prosperity workshop was a profoundly powerful experience. Out of my participation in the workshop, I created an understanding of my own power in creating and achieving my goals and tapped into the universe in a whole new way that resulted in immediate results.

-Ken Knox, 42


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