Integrative Wisdom



Sept 27-30, 2018




To be determined


Lynne Sheridan [View Profile]



In Integrative Wisdom, participants will be led into a deeper understanding of the power of the breath, different types of breath and deepening self-sessions.

There will be greater exploration and understanding of the chakras as well as different energy points throughout the body that can be used to facilitate healing. Participants will learn techniques to work on the clearing of stuck energy and healing of past trauma and held energy.

Various forms of meditation will be used for grounding, intention setting and support in processing sessions. Dream work and the continuing of sessions through the unconscious will be explored and invited.

The goal is at least five breath work sessions, with the possibility of six.

Cost: $895*

* Graduates can use up to 100 WorldWorks points.

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Hourly Schedule

Thursday (Sept 27) Registration :: 5:30PM – 6:30PM

Thursday (Sept 27) Training :: 6:30PM – 11:30PM

Friday (Sept 28) Training :: 6:30PM – 11:30PM

Saturday (Sept 29) Training :: 9:30AM – 9:00PM

Sunday (Sept 30) Training :: 9:30AM – 6:30PM


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