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Do you feel like life keeps moving faster and faster? Do you love the idea of ‘having it all’ but struggle for balance? Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to recharge your battery daily, increasing your peace and energy?

Integrative Wisdom provides you with a powerful chance to silence all of the ‘noise’ and tune in to your own innate wisdom and healing. Through intensive breathwork designed to target your Chakras, you are clearing and releasing stored energy, making it available for use in your daily life.

This powerful experience is designed to raise consciousness, provide deep healing and shift entrenched patterns. Through dream work, sacred meditation, and work on your body’s meridians, you will be given the technology to clear stuck energy, release trauma, and let go of repetitive patterns, stepping fully into your purpose. This work occurs on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual plane.

In Integrative Wisdom the participants will:

  • Be led into a deeper understanding of the power of the breath, different types of breath and deepening self-sessions.
  • There will be greater exploration and understanding of the chakras as well as different energy points throughout the body that can be used to facilitate healing. Participants will learn techniques to work on the clearing of stuck energy and healing of past trauma and held energy.
  • Various forms of meditation will be used for grounding, intention setting and support in processing sessions. Dream work and the continuing of sessions through the unconscious will be explored and invited.
  • The goal is at least five breath work sessions, with the possibility of six.

Isn’t it time to take a concentrated breather for your Self? Find out what’s possible when you awaken stored reserves and tap into the magic within.

Audits: $450.00 – If Paid in Full: $400

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