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Do you want support in holding on to tools that you have gained at the Couples Retreats?

Do you want to take your relationship to the next level in depth, openness, passion and love?

Do you wish that you had the benefit of an expert in relationships when you got into arguments with your partner?

Even better, do you wish you had far less arguments and more joy, connection and intimacy?

If you are ready for an intensive journey of discovery and growth with your partner, then the Couples Intimacy Practice is for you.

If you are ready to be held accountable to what you really want and have an adventure of discovery, then be clear, the Couples Intimacy Practice is for you.

You will have:

  • Weekly stretches with your partner outside of your comfort zone;
  • Weekly dates and hot sex;
  • Bi-monthly dates with a Buddy Couple to support you;
  • Weekly homework to deepen your connection;
  • Two intensive training nights and an overnight to celebrate at the end;
  • Mentorship of another couple in your life;
  • And so much more – all designed to forward your relationship!

Space will be limited.

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