2019 Money and Wealth Super Series


The 2019 Money and Wealth Super Series is an online coaching series designed for you to implement new breakthroughs and strategies weekly.

Live Online Workshops:

May 23 8:00pm to 9:00pm
June 11 8:00pm to 9:00pm
July 3 8:00pm to 9:00pm


July 17 8:00pm to 9:00pm
July 31 8:00pm to 9:00pm
August 15 8:00pm to 9:00pm


Lisa Kalmin
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Money is a medium of exchange we have chosen to represent our creative energy.

Money is energy flowing back and forth between people and enterprises. If you want to tap into the flow as well as free yourself from beliefs that are sabotaging your wealth, then the Money and Wealth Super Series is for you!

In the 2019 Money and Wealth Super Series you will:

  • Identify your specific pattern around money and wealth and discover the beliefs that have been sabotaging you in this area.
  • See money for what it really is…an exchange of energy and value, harnessing the power of attraction!
  • Break free of your past programming and how even if you make money, you could lose it without this breakthrough.
  • Create a mindset that can “hold” increased amounts of wealth.
  • Received personalized coaching for your money and wealth game plan and implementation.

The 2019 Money and Wealth Super Series is an online coaching series designed for you to implement new breakthroughs and strategies weekly.

The Series includes:

  • Six live one-hour video or teleconference workshops. Each will be recorded if you are not available. These workshops will be approximately 2-3 weeks apart.
  • Weekly breakthrough assignments and a Private Facebook Group to support each other in your progress and implementation.
  • Facebook videos supporting you in a new strategy or distinction.
  • One individual 30 minute coaching call with Lisa.

Tuition: $397.00

Breakthough, accountability, and action! You know you create distinct results when you are being held accountable as well as when you are publicly declaring and acting consistent with your vision and commitment.

To Enroll:  Click on register above or email Rayehe at rayehe@worldworkstrainings.com or call her at 949-294-1308.


I came to the Money and Wealth Super Series to breakthrough: My pattern of confusion and lack of trust in my ability to manage my own finances. I am excellent at managing other people’s money but never applied the same attention to my own.

The results: I created a specific system to allocate my income into different money jars (bank accounts) created for specific purposes. As a result I am now paying down debt by over $1,000 more per month, and I created a Fun Money account for my vacations so that I don’t add to my debt. At this point, I can see a clear path to being debt free and being able to build up an investment account for the real estate investing I want to do to create passive income in the future. I feel like simply having this really clear vision for how to use my money opened up so many possibilities – and it brought in 4 new clients during the course! Plus, I really love now having Happy Money in my accounts and being grateful every time I pay any bill.

My biggest breakthrough was breaking through the resistance to really seeing where I stood financially, accepting where I am as OK, letting go of any blame or guilt around how I got here and looking forward to creating a new path to financial freedom.

I recommend this Super Series for: Anyone who feels in any way lost or confused or has stress and anxiety around money matters.

-Christina Nowacki, 54


I came to the Money and Wealth Super Series to breakthrough feeling stuck financially as a result of a prolonged divorce.

In 6 weeks, I was able to powerfully create all of the following: 1) Sudden relief from a debt of approximately $100,000, and a plan put in place to decrease debt further by at least $30,000 within a year, 2) A bonus and a promotion at my current job, and 3) New sources of income from a side hustle (which will be my primary business by spring 2021!) and passive investment.

My biggest breakthrough was that I am enough and I am worthy, and when I wholeheartedly believe that, I attract income and take actions that eliminate debt. And it can be with ease!

I recommend this Super Series for anyone who wants to discover what limiting beliefs get in the way of making more money and creating abundant wealth, no matter what their starting level or “Doing” knowledge they may have.

-Melanie Palomares, 52


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