The Art of Effective Communication


How many of you would like to communicate more effectively with your co-workers, family and friends?

How many of you would like to learn a system to effectively communicating with all different types of people?

There are 4 essential “behavioral” styles that each of us fall into.  In fact, if we had enough people, a big enough population in a room and did this process, then the room would divide evenly, 25% in each quadrant.

What that means that is important for you to know…is that 75% of the world does not see hear or relate to life the way that you do! Its no wonder why our communication can be challenging at times.

You may have noticed this either in a professional relationship or a personal relationship.  You start talking to someone and they seem not to be with you or have that “deer in the headlights” look.  Or someone is communicating to you, and you feel like they are on a different planet or don’t seem to be “with” you at all.

I am going to briefly describe the four quadrants that each of us falls into.  As I describe the quadrants, you may feel like you fit into more than one…you probably do!  However, there is often one that has more predominant characteristics than the other three.  Choose that one for now.

Here we go:

  1. Do you like to know the details or information about something before making a decision?  Do you think about the pros and the cons before doing almost anything new?

Do you highly value trustworthiness, punctuality, and people being count-on-able. Are you trustworthy, count-on-able and keep your agreements?  Do you feel pressure when you need to make a new decision?  Then you are probably what we call Analytical style or Formal Style.


  1. Are you sensitive to other people’s feelings?  Do you highly value your relationships with friends and family?  Do you often put other people’s emotional needs over yours? Do you want everyone around you to feel loved and appreciated?  Are you the person everyone comes to when they are upset and need someone to listen empathetically?  Will you sometimes sacrifice something you want for others?  Then you are probably what we call Supporting Style or Amiable Style.


  1. Do you like to produce results? Are you a go getter, driven, committed to your goals?  Are you a natural born leader?  Are you sometimes short or assertive in order to get something done?  Do you feel misunderstood about your motives, especially because you want the best for people?  Do people sometimes feel intimidated by you? Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself?   Then you are probably what we call Controlling Style or Driver Style.


  1. Are you expressive, creative and passionate? Do you often get stuck in your emotions and feelings and struggle to follow through?  Do you love being with fun and exciting people?  Are you the life of the party and attract people everywhere you go?  Has anyone ever told you that you can be dramatic?  Then you are probably Promoting Style or Expressive Style.

You may have noticed that as I was asking some of the questions, you felt like…”yes, that’s true for me!”  OR you thought oh my gosh, that’s my husband, wife, or that is my son, or daughter or boss!

Learning about each style, including your own can unlock the keys to really communicating and empowering the people around you.

In our Art of Effective Communications Workshop, you spend time not only identifying each style but also, how to really talk to and connect with each style.  You are already effective with people  from your own style.  Learning how to work with, connect and motivate each of the other styles will increase your influence, connection and ultimately your success.

The Art of Effective Communication Workshop can be done with any group or organization of 10 or more people.  

Please contact Lisa Kalmin at to further explore this incredible opportunity!

I am a big believer in the value of this workshop. As a leader for a sales oriented organization,

I regularly use what I have learned from this program. I have experienced several “personality profile” programs and find this the most valuable in terms of cost and ability to apply what is learned not only in the workspace but in personal relationships as well. Whether it is team building, sales training or relationship development the behavioral workshop has tremendous value and is presented in a way to have long lasting effect.

Doug I.
Branch Manager, Financial Services
Irvine, California

This workshop provided me with the insight and tools that have allowed me to significantly improve the closing ratio of my prospects and ultimately increase sales.  Since sales is really a business about relationships, in which people buy the person before they buy a product or service, this training created huge breakthroughs for me and my team in the area of relationship building.   I am able to use the training to quickly identify the behavioral style of my prospects, so I can adjust my style of communication to speak to their core values.  This has allowed me to build trust, understanding and stronger relationships more consistently and more rapidly among my customers and prospects. Similarly I have used the training to build more connected relationships with my team, resulting in better communication, more rapid resolution of issues and increased productivity.  This is a training that everyone in business can use right away to impact the bottom line.

MaryKay M.
Business Owner
San Diego, California

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