Welcome to WorldWorks Testimonials page. This is a place for you to share your personal experience as a graduate of any or all parts of the trainings. If you would like to contact WorldWorks, you may email info@worldworkstrainings.com.


I came to the Money and Wealth Super Series to breakthrough: My pattern of confusion and lack of trust in my ability to manage my own finances. I am excellent at managing other people’s money but never applied the same attention to my own.

The results: I created a specific system to allocate my income into different money jars (bank accounts) created for specific purposes. As a result I am now paying down debt by over $1,000 more per month, and I created a Fun Money account for my vacations so that I don’t add to my debt. At this point, I can see a clear path to being debt free and being able to build up an investment account for the real estate investing I want to do to create passive income in the future. I feel like simply having this really clear vision for how to use my money opened up so many possibilities – and it brought in 4 new clients during the course! Plus, I really love now having Happy Money in my accounts and being grateful every time I pay any bill.

My biggest breakthrough was breaking through the resistance to really seeing where I stood financially, accepting where I am as OK, letting go of any blame or guilt around how I got here and looking forward to creating a new path to financial freedom.

I recommend this Super Series for: Anyone who feels in any way lost or confused or has stress and anxiety around money matters.

-Christina Nowacki, 54

Christina on Money and Wealth Super Series


I came to the Money and Wealth Super Series to breakthrough feeling stuck financially as a result of a prolonged divorce.

In 6 weeks, I was able to powerfully create all of the following: 1) Sudden relief from a debt of approximately $100,000, and a plan put in place to decrease debt further by at least $30,000 within a year, 2) A bonus and a promotion at my current job, and 3) New sources of income from a side hustle (which will be my primary business by spring 2021!) and passive investment.

My biggest breakthrough was that I am enough and I am worthy, and when I wholeheartedly believe that, I attract income and take actions that eliminate debt. And it can be with ease!

I recommend this Super Series for anyone who wants to discover what limiting beliefs get in the way of making more money and creating abundant wealth, no matter what their starting level or “Doing” knowledge they may have.

-Melanie Palomares, 52

Melanie on Money and Wealth Super Series


I enrolled in AIS to learn how to communicate effectively with my clients and to feel more comfortable speaking up in general. What I have created… Wow!!!! Where do I start? AIS gave me both the behind the scenes secrets to being an Influential speaker and the support and encouragement I needed to learn and practice speaking up. AIS has given me the tools I need to share what I am passionate about. Teaching was something that, prior to AIS, I considered out of my reach. Now, I am not only speaking and teaching to small groups, I am applying for Instructor positions. Anyone who communicates, regardless of the method, can benefit from the AIS trainings. If you talk to clients or coworkers, if you give presentations to groups or to a single person, AIS is for you!

-Julia J.
Massage Therapist

Julia on The Art of Influential Speaking I


This was one of the most powerful trainings, that I have ever taken. Now I appreciate how much work is needed to prepare for any speech. I have learned how to prepare, deliver and inspire the audience with any subject matter. Learning from other people’s speeches let me to create a lot of value and I applied it to my own speech. I strongly recommend the training to everyone.

-Michael Zarkesh
IT Consultant

Michael on The Art of Influential Speaking I


I did not know what I didn’t know about how I showed up in front of people. I learned more about my investor deck from the weekend than from spending over 20K on consultants- How to ask for what I want, How to be with people in a whole new way, with a whole new project that I am presenting. I feel better prepared for my next round of investor and customer meetings.

-Tony Greco, Age 39
Psychologist, Entrepreneur

Tony on The Art of Influential Speaking I


The Art of Influential Speaking workshop gave me a template that I can use to deliver my message and content whether for a three minutes speech or a three day workshop. I now have a system that I can easily duplicate to be an effective speaker. I broke through my fear of being in front of the people and transformed my beingness at front of the room from stiff and serious to joyful and comfortable. This was one of the most effective transformational trainings I’ve attended.

-Marykay Mullally, Age 56
Transformational Health Coach

Marykay on The Art of Influential Speaking I


After one week of being home, I can say with confidence and gratitude that our lives have been positively impacted by the Family Training. Every day has been distinct in the conversations we are having: how we are making agreements with each other, the language we are using, as well as letting each other know feedback throughout the day of how we are showing up for each other. We also have new language to use around times when we have specific needs… Code words that have the other person know immediately that there is an important need happening for one of us sometimes both. This clarity is gold in my family. I am so grateful for how much our lives have been enriched by this work. Each day is a new discovery – My life with my daughter and our day to day home life are newly empowering, fun and connected for us both! I am getting to know her even better every day. I recommend this for every family – worth every moment and dollar invested without question.

-Julie, Age 44

Julie on The Family Training


The WorldWorks Family training was an amazing experience for the Schauble family in creating an open and trusting space for everyone to honestly express themselves about what is and isn’t working in our family. This is especially important to Celia and I as we are a divorced couple raising two loving, kind, joyful, and independent boys. I learned that I get to break out of my doingness and create connection with my boys. I learned that I get to ask my boys and Celia for what I want. I learned to be vulnerable in asking my boys for feedback and to provide authentic feedback to them and really listen to their messages. I learned that the agreements that I make to my family are sacred and when I don’t follow through I destroy trust. Our sharing as a family through the training created so much love, tears, laughter, hugs, trust, and clarity.

I recommend that training for all families who are committed to building a loving, joyful, courageous, and trusting family.

-Darrin Schauble, Age 50
Sr Program Manager, Medtronic, Inc.

Darrin Schauble on The Family Training


The value I’ve created through the Abundance training class was to “TRUST.” To trust myself, trust the universe that the power is within me to create all what I desire. I am abundant. And just to be in that space of abundance and surrender, magic has happened in my life. I’ve created more time, I am no longer rushing with my everyday tasks because I have created enough time to handle them. Therefore, I see and talk to my son more often. I use to struggle or worry about my finances now I don’t worry about because I trust the universe, and now I have enough. I’m outflowing. Thank you Lisa for this wonderful and valuable lesson of just be.

–Carmen Hernandez, Age 45

Carmen Hernandez on The Abundance and Prosperity Training


The Abundance and Prosperity is delicious , delightful and rich opportunity to open up the abundance and prosperity flow in life. I profoundly and clearly could see the way of having what I want in life and experienced a shift in the space of the weekend. I highly recommend this course for everyone who does not want to wait a moment longer to participate in the abundance in our Universe.

–Kara Randall, MA, LMT
Massage therapist and Trainer

Kara Randall on The Abundance and Prosperity Training


The Abundance and Prosperity workshop was fun and profoundly impactful at the same time. I created clarity on what is blocking the flow of abundance in my life, cleared space for me to create what I am committed to and have specific steps which I can practice in order to create that abundance.

–MaryKay Mullally, Age 52
VP Technology

MaryKay Mullally on The Abundance and Prosperity Training


The Abundance and Prosperity workshop was a profoundly powerful experience. Out of my participation in the workshop, I created an understanding of my own power in creating and achieving my goals and tapped into the universe in a whole new way that resulted in immediate results.

-Ken Knox, 42

Ken Knox on The Abundance and Prosperity Training


I’ve been trying to figure out how to put this into words. Things have been happening so fast in my life since enlisting the personal 1:1 coaching of Lisa. I’ve set, met, and exceeded financial goals for personal income and investment for my start up. This has been an incredible journey. I’ve been “studying” transformation, therapy/psychology (I’m a psychologist as well as Entrepreneur), and spiritual practices of all sorts, but the coaching with Lisa has taken all of the theory, knowledge, and workshop content (so many workshops and so much content), and put it all into practical real life application. It’s been one of the most powerful supportive experiences: setting goals, being accountable, and getting 1:1 preparation for meetings to figure out how to APPLY the steps to enrollment. To some degree, things feel unstoppable in my life and business. I keep waiting until I hit the next milestone or plateau to write a review where I can say “mission accomplished” but there has not been a plateau. That said, I’m trying to put into words the gratitude I’m experiencing on an almost regular moment-to-moment basis for the coaching I’ve received to support me stepping into my life, playing a HUGE game, and holding the space for what we are creating for the World. Thank you.

-Tony Greco, PsyD

Tony Greco, PsyD


The Training was a powerful way of gaining true, valuable skill sets, to support clearer, functional presentations that evoke and inspire others into action. There is a tremendous value to be able to present , multiple times and received valuable feedback from staff and other participants about presentation, its working items and its area of improvement. It allows you to leave with workable, usable skills to use immediately.

-Gerald Calamia, 46
Teacher, Patented Inventor, CEO of Ride Free Industries, Sports Coach

Gerald Calamia on The Art of Influential Speaking I


I started the Art of Influential Speaking on Friday with a lot of anxiety and almost fainted in front of the room. I can let you know with confidence that I have created a lot of value in the 3 days of the training. I feel more confident in my ability to speak in public. I was able to deliver a presentation that is clear, direct, engaging and passionate. I had been putting off my dissertation defense for 3 years , and now feel confident in successfully defending my dissertation.

-Nidia Moran, 40
License Marriage and Family Therapists

Nidia Moran on The Art of Influential Speaking I


I learned a tremendous amount about the elements of a good public speech, about connection with people through my message and purpose, and trusting in myself to deliver and connect. I was reminded how our energy and confidence in our self translates and it is transparent. I learned a tremendous amount of good, solid information and techniques. I had multiple opportunity to practice by speaking in front of the group, and obtain direct feedback. The power of having a team support is remarkable and effective.

-Marc Rosental, 58
Producer & Designer; CEO/Chairman of the Board of La League of Arts, President Owner – Personal Creations

Marc Rosental on The Art of Influential Speaking I


The workshop was an amazing growth experience for me. I learned a format for presenting to a group that supports engaging the audience to listen to my message and to participate in it. I started being nervous, fearful, and distracted. Through the workshop I gained power, confidence, and connection with speaking. I am immediately using the skills in my career and differentiate myself with my ways of being. I feel this will lead to further opportunities for projects and promotion. This was a great workshop.

-Darrin Schauble, 49
Sr. Program Manager

Darrin Schauble on The Art of Influential Speaking I


I have been incorporating public speaking in my business for the last 4 years and the entire time I have resisted structure and practicing. I experienced how very clearly I was sabotaging myself from my next level of success. In a supportive environment, I took action on following the structure to craft a solid talk. I had a breakthrough in freedom and self confidence! I am excited to take everything I have learned out into the world! I highly recommend this training for creative people who are resisting structure. If that is you, you are limiting potential!!!

-Lauren K Wyatt, 35
Spiritual Healer & Guide, Love psychic, Business Owner

Lauren K Wyatt on The Art of Influential Speaking I


I am so grateful for this experience! I gained so much from this retreat. I learned many tools to use in my relationship, I had a hard time communicating with my partner of 15 years. We were going towards different directions. You learn when you get there that so many couples are going through similar things. It was so eye opening.

– Nahelly Ramirez

Nahelly Ramirez on The Couples Retreat I


Such a fun and enjoyable time with my partner and other couples. I have added a new level of depth to my relationship. I learned different communication tools to use during emotional conversations.

– Ryan Kwong

Ryan Kwong on The Couples Retreat I


I had a massive breakthrough in the realm of honesty, respect, and loyalty with my partner and created immense value, connection, respectful communication, acceptance, healing and space for growth with my life partner.

– Joshua Vaughn

Joshua Vaughn on The Couples Retreat I


My breakthrough in this workshop is revealing my and partner’s deepest wound and healing each other. The depth of communication, understanding each other, love is absolutely beautiful. Now I fully understand my partner in a totally different way with love and empathy, and being committed to grow with my partner.

– Coco Shen

Coco Shen on The Couples Retreat I


Through the training I was able to grasp a deeper and more clear understanding of my relationship and why we have struggles and challenges that we do. I created value in understanding my partner at a deeper level and being given tools to help us when were in breakdown. And most importantly to understand everything is okay and normal and they it supposed to be.

– Shelly Ferreria

Shelly Ferreria on The Couples Retreat I


During the experience of these trainings I learned how to handle arguments with my boyfriend in a way that wouldn’t damage the situation more. My breakthrough will be learning to accept myself and finding a way to 100% trust in my boyfriend once again. Healing is a major part of this process. I had a breakthrough on how to handle my boyfriend’s unseen feelings I hadn’t seen before.

– Kailey

Kailey on The Couples Retreat I


I experienced deeper intimacy, trust, clarity, love, and joy in our relationship than I ever thought possible. Best sex of my life!!!!!

– Austin

Austin on The Couples Retreat I


It opened up space in our marriage that was previously filled with hurt, anger, and resentment around a affair my wife had that limited how much I was willing to love her. The oneness now in our marriage is limitless.

– Steve Roseberry

Steve Roseberry on The Couples Retreat I


Time well spent learning about what makes me tick – how and why I do what I do and how that impacts relationships. For myself and wife we learned why we are how we are and now have more tools to enhance our lives together.

– Mark Maund

Mark Maund on The Couples Retreat I


Tremendously insightful experience. The process brought clarity and direction about who I am, why I do things, and how fortunate I am to be with my partner. Thank you again Lynne!

– Scott

Scott on The Couples Retreat I


My fiancé and I attended to have better understanding of our relationship and create a strong foundation for our marriage. Couples I was invaluable to us. The homework challenged is to truly understand each other and come out of our individual comfort zones and came together. Everyone should go to this before they are married! We can’t wait for Couples II.

– Dylan

Dylan on The Couples Retreat I


This training was a total mirror for my life and our relationship. Many processes that helped evaluate and breakdown barriers that have been an issue; and many barriers that I didn’t know existed.

– Mike

Mike on The Couples Retreat I


Couples I gave Dylan and I the tools we will need to be married. I strongly encourage anyone thinking of getting married to do this training with your partner and prepare yourself for what marriage is good and bad. I know Dylan and I talked and did things we would never have, It was amazing and so was Lynne.

– Dane

Dane on The Couples Retreat I


This experience has such an impact on my husband and myself, we signed up for Couples II today. Lynne Sheridan and her staff are amazing. They make you feel so comfortable with all the intimate subjects being discussed.

– Patti Maund

Patti Maund on The Couples Retreat I


I was able to get the emotional connection and feel instead of explaining away and being defensive as a way of opening up because I feeling opening up because I felt opening up will make my hurt vanish. And keeping hurt gave me motivation.

– Henry

Henry on The Couples Retreat I


Lynne’s training is so instrumental and it’s for a couple at any stage of relationship. In my instance, my partner and I were in a new, not yet committed relationship and we learned so much about each other, about ourselves, and the dynamic that we shape with one another, It has been a wonderful foundation to build upon!

– Melanie

Melanie on The Couples Retreat I


The training was an opportunity for my partner and me to learn more about each other and gain tools we can use in our relationship. We learned important methods on how to resolve conflict in positive ways.

– Steve

Steve on The Couples Retreat I


I appreciated Couples I for allowing my partner and I to dig deep into why we have struggled in past relationships. Knowing how to address our own issues permits the relationship to grow and flourish. All the staff was open, authentic, and available for support. Thank you.

– Julia King

Julia King on The Couples Retreat I


Couples I opened my eyes to the perfect mirror that my wife is to me. I realized all the frustrations, struggle, fear and anger I project on to my wife that kills our relationship was about me, not her. Our marriage got the course correction that it has needed, finally!

– Luke Suchecki

Luke Suchecki on The Couples Retreat I


This training was exactly what my husband and I needed to go to a deeper level of connection and love in our marriage. It empowered us with tools to be able to share our feelings in a way where we feel seen and heard by each other. I had gone from questioning my marriage to being 100% certain and confident we were perfect for each other! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Colleen Suchecki

Colleen Suchecki on The Couples Retreat I


This experience has been truly amazing. My husband and I went into this weekend with a lot of resentment, anger and lack of love. By the end of the weekend we were laughing together, holding hands and closer than we have been in a long time. We now have the tools we learned to help us make this the best marriage possible.

– Nichole

Nichole on The Couples Retreat I


Allowed my wife and I to overcome obstacles that were beginning to look daunting. Gave us tools to use to grow closer in situations where it would be easier to move apart.

– Landon

Landon on The Couples Retreat I


Couples I helped bring to the surface the self love issues I have with myself and how these issues affect my relationship. During Couples I we were given the tools to effectively communicate each others feelings.

– Jade Brady

Jade Brady on The Couples Retreat I


I came into the training uninitiated in any of the processes and experiences and quite skeptical. I was here to support my partner. But I have come away from the weekend with a sense that we have some new tools to improve our relationship and I feel good about the future.

– Bryan

Bryan on The Couples Retreat I


Lynne is amazing at reading and understanding people. She has a gift to open your eyes to feelings/situations you are struggling with and to shift your mindset to better understand how to be more at peace with yourself, your partner and life. It is life changing!

– Kristen Olaf

Kristen Olaf on The Couples Retreat I


I learned to take responsibility, Going into the training, I thought my wife was the one with a lot of issues. I learned that I need to take care of my own actions. I learned to support and listen and ask questions rather than trying to fix the situation. I learned about my addictions that I didn’t know I had. I learned a lot of tools to help bring my relationship to an all new level and experience.

-Chris Olaf

Chris Olaf on The Couples Retreat I


I created a way to see when I’m triggered by my partner and understand that it is not my partner creating the trigger, it is wounds from my past. I got that no matter how often I run away or replace other people, I cannot run away from myself. I committed completely to my relationship for the first time.


Jenny on The Couples Retreat I


We attended couples to enhance our marriage of 33 years What we found were ways we had held on to hurtful areas from out past that were blocking our intimacy. We learned how much we are mirrors of each other and how together worked through those areas. We are stronger now than ever before with amazing tools on how to keep our marriage on the best track possible for another 50+ years! AMAZING!

-Mia Roseberry

Mia Roseberry on The Couples Retreat I


This training has allowed me to discover that I have the power to create everything around me; my problems, my past, my issues and insecurities. But also my strength, my light, my future, and my love.

– Andres

Andres on The Couples Retreat I


This training has been incredibly valuable for me, my husband, and my marriage. We have a new appreciation for each other and an understanding of where we’ve created problems and breakdown in our relationship. Most importantly we learned an incredible tool for conflict revolution and to build intimacy. I’m so grateful to Lynne for facilitating such an enriching and fun weekend that gave us space to grow and rediscover deep love! I would recommend this retreat to ANYONE in a committed relationship.


Rachel on The Couples Retreat I


I was hesitant, resisting, skeptical. Even after I signed up, showed up. But slowly things started to make sense, started to learn things about myself and my partner. A lot of why we argue, why we can’t communicate made sense now. I walked one feeling confident that we had the tools to make our relationship work. I walked out loving my partner more than ever, when a couple weeks ago I had my doubts. I’m glad I made the decision and I have no hesitation to sign up for Couples II.

-Edward B.

Edward B. on The Couples Retreat I


The experience that I had in class was amazing. Fun & exciting. I was afraid of what was to come of this trip, not knowing what to expect. Me and my wife going through ups and downs, not knowing where my relationship was going. This class made me see and find the love again and why I love my wife.


Jose on The Couples Retreat I


My participation in the WorldWorks journey was unplanned, and it is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. The most profound moment of my life, since the birth of my daughter, was the moment I looked back on my 4-month journey with WorldWorks and acknowledged all that I created during that powerful time. I created deep and joyful connections with my husband and young daughter. In those relationships I learned to create win-win scenarios on a daily basis, enhancing everyone’s experience of both our time together and our time apart. In my work I created dozens of new clients in a short period of time, and I increased my income in my second business over 1000% in only 4 months! I created competing publishing offers for my book, and other key business content. I learned essential information about myself, what it takes to be a winning part of a winning team, and what it means to be a leader. I got under life-long beliefs that have limited both my results and my experiences at various times in my life, and I was able to break through those to connect every day to my vision! I created an indelible understanding of what it means to take a stand for who and what matter to me. And most importantly, I created relationships both in and out of the training that are deep, connected, loving, authentic, and that will last a lifetime. I can hardly express enough gratitude to convey what is true for me about the value of this work!


Julie de Lagarde


I was blessed to have completed the entire journey-Intro, experience and leadership. In my opinion it is the trifecta of Magic. Miracles were created beyond my wildest imagination. My fractured family was healed. My daughters now have their father back in their daily lives I reconciled with the love of my life and enriched the relationship with my mother. This was on top of giving up smoking, losing weight and gaining clarity on my career. It was one of the greatest journeys of my life and I plan to continue. It is the greatest game in town.
My job was great before I started the WW trainings. I have a great job awesome family, loving husband. During the intro course, I realized all of the things that were within my comfort zone. I realized all of my relationships had a potential to be a 100 percent improved. I knew my purpose and was afraid to put myself out there and create it. There was a lack of depth and authenticity in the way I was showing up for others. Since completing the whole journey, I have created and witnessed miracles, like forming a second family, finding my power and confidences and having breakthroughs in my marriage, pursing my dream job and increasing my income.
Through my participation in this journey I have opened new possibilities in relationships, have experienced myself as a powerful leader, created a courage to take tremendous risks. I also learned I don’t need to do everything myself that there is support around me, all I have to do is ask.
I have created congruency in myself of who I am and who I want to be, I am clear about my purpose, connection family and money and most importantly, I have learned to step in a way of being that is can create magic, joy and power around me, I have learned my dreams and potential and I am living them.
I have created a clearer space in which to figure out my next career path and how to be to achieve whatever it is I want to create. I ve gotten the courage to really examine where I am in my life and what I need to do .
Through this work I created a safe environment for myself to explore the past, uncover my limiting beliefs and then step into my power and being the man I meant to be.
Through all the trainings I got the opportunity to identify and take on huge conversations in my life that was limiting my life, conversations that I was conscious and unconscious to. More importantly I have created such an deep understanding of love, trust and passion and joy that has rippled inside me. These trainings have been the most impactful experience in my life.
I have created confidence and self-acceptance, I have created peace around my past and the opportunity for a new family relationships. I have let go of the past beliefs that did not serve and have created the space for a new loving committed and connected relations. I’ve created a deeper connected relationship with my mom. I have joy and passions in my life like I have never had before.
My participation ii the journey has allowed me to open to incredible possibilities in my life, the experiences I have created here I would not trade for anything in the world. I have discovered ways to access my power and have opened up my heart to others to love others and myself in ways that I never thought was possible. I have a new excitement for my life and my future. This is something everyone should do.
I have become a whole person standing as a source of unconditional love, peace and authentic joy in all aspect of my life. I have created healing for myself and all my immediate family. I get to Leave a legacy of love , connection and responsibility for my family and beyond.
The trainings have brought me back and I feel alive. I got back my power. Love passion and joy. I realize how much I matter, I am source of joy and happiness and I don’t need to wait for it. Thanks to the trainers, staff and my seniors, I created breakthroughs in all aspects of my life.

OC128 Leadership Team


My name is Tehrah and I am 47 years. I am a professional singer/songwriter/performer and I have invested in Real Estate for over 20 years… I have given my life to Humanitarian Causes and Transformation of our world for the past 7 years using my music as a tool and my ability to connect with others…I am so grateful for World Works Training, which has created possibility for my dreams to be manifest in a real and tangible way. Currently, I have completed Intro and Experience and I am in my second week of Leadership Training and Loving every minute of it… though it’s extremely challenging, it’s everything I need in order to create a template for living BIG with BIG people… creating TEAM where everyone wins, and incredible support like I have never experienced in my entire career or life of 48 years. I have lived a very full life and pretty much done it all. I have experienced deep spiritual experiences, completed many of the top transformational seminars and early in my life, at least 15 years of therapy that helped to a degree; but nothing like what World Works has provided. I am creating a life of my dreams and set to Win!… thank you World Works!



Tehrah Tayler


WorldWorks has transformed my life!
I have always been a dynamic individual with a powerful vision, but through these masterfully taught trainings, I have been given the chance to take my life from mediocrity to EXTRAORDINARY!!!! The trainings has directly helped me experience life beyond limiting beliefs and brought my future vision in to the present in the most tangible way. Every day I have the tools to be my most authentic, powerful and passionate self! I am blown away by the impact of the trainings, and I am forever grateful for the permanent shift they have generated! For the first time in my life, nothing stands in the way of me giving my gifts fully!
Charlotte Thornton

Charlotte Thornton


My name is Karina, I am 25, and I am a clerical tech at a medical facility. Through the World Works trainings I was able to create space for an open, authentic, loving and connected relationship with my friends, family and boyfriend. Before the trainings I felt lost, disconnect from everyone in my life and a lack of self worth. I am thankful that I get to be myself, my authentic self once again and share that with everyone around me. I have been able to create an extraordinary relationship with my brothers and see my vision as something that not only is possible but will occur.
Thank you



My name is Jessica Lopez I am a 25 year old hairstylist and I have gained so much through the World Works trainings. I am able to see my future clearly for the first time. I have always tried to look at myself and my life and make changes and adjustments but always found myself coming back to the same core issues no matter the situation. through the World Works trainings I have been able to finally breakthrough my patterns to see how I can create the future I have always wanted and never thought possible. I am able to connect with my family, friends and boyfriend in a way I could never see possible before this experience. I am so grateful all the support I received in these trainings from my group and the staff. It is like I have a new family in World Works! Yay!

Jessica Lopez


I am beyond grateful to my friend for enrolling me in World Works. It has become one of the best decisions I’ve taken in the last 5 years. I learned a lot about myself and others. I discovered and tapped into a new side of myself. I always knew what I wanted in life, but I never really understood why I wanted what I wanted. World Works helped me get clarity and understand why. Now I’m in Leadership Practice and ready to tackle all the challenges and obstacles that come my way. World Works has helped me get my old self back, and really love me for me. World Works has helped me gain back my voice and power; I can’t wait to share this with my students in the classroom. I’m excited to be able to share the amazing and positive experience World Works helped me create with my family, friends, and new people in my life. I feel rejuvenated and ready to finish my masters program and get back on track with my life. Thank you World Works for helping me see myself in the same light others have around me.



My name is Graciella, I’m 53, and I’m an engineer. I have completed two of the trainings and currently enrolled in the third. The trainings helped me see my self-righteousness and it’s effect on my relationships. It helped me take stand for what I always dreamed of standing for, Love and freedom in our world. Every one can benefit from these training in all aspects of their lives in a very short time and effective way. It’s my dream to enroll as many people as possible in these trainings.



Nina O'Neil

I have participated in transformational programs for over 18 years and the WorldWorks trainings have been one of the most profound experiences for me. The experiential learning and exercises enabled me to not only observe myself but allowed for a fundamental shift in being at the cellular level to occur when I connected my thoughts and beliefs to my feeling and emotions and allowed myself to experience everything.

I moved to LA three years ago from Chicago. When I was in Chicago, I had an experience of myself as being confident, powerful and a woman who accomplished what she set her mind to. My LA move was a big step into a new direction and along the way I became fearful, mistrusting and uncertain about myself, others and the direction I was headed. I wasn’t experiencing much joy or feeling as though I was moving my life forward in alignment with my visions.

Through the trainings, I remembered that I am responsible for my life and my experiences and it has profoundly shifted my experience of living in LA and of myself. I’ve reclaimed that confident, powerful woman and have discovered other sides of myself as well. I now have a blank canvas in which to create my life and I have gotten clarity and focused on the vision for my life. I am experiencing joy and a sense of peace, worrying less and am willing to stretch myself into new opportunities and adventures.

Nina O'Neil


There are two experiences in my life which define who I am now: Traveling the world solo for 8 months post-college, and World Works training at age 19. Now, fourteen years after completing the Intro, Experience and the first LP course OC1 in Orange County, there is not a day that goes by in which I find myself wondering how different my life would have been without it.

I finally decided to google “World Works” to see what had become of it, and was excited to see that it still exists and continues to help people get a better understanding of themselves and their many life relationships. I wanted to say Thanks! by leaving my testimonial of some of the major things I took from it, and how it has shaped my life. First, I have confidence knowing that I am the one in control of all aspects of my life, and that I have the power to create anything in it. I have a deeper understanding of those around me: how they think, feel, and relate with others… which is huge in a new era of thinly defined online social interactions. I have a great understanding of who I am, how I got here, and who I want to be. I have a new appreciation of being candid and vulnerable in my life relationships… taking chances opens so many doors. I have learned the value of being a fighter for what you are passionate about.

My experiences are unique to me, and I am sure those that have taken these courses or who are deciding to, will gain something different entirely. What’s most important is that you are willing to discover how this training can and will positively impact your future.

Quick thoughts on the three courses: Intro – great eye opener, wonderful info that is impactful immediately. Can easily be taken with other people you know. Experience – much deeper, much more personal, and most powerful. I recommend taking this course with strangers or those in your Intro class. The power in it is being fully engaged, authentic, and real… which can be difficult with loved ones, old friends and work colleagues. Leadership – takes creating what you want in life to a new level. Also requires a little bit of intestinal fortitude to engage others and share what you have learned and experienced as a result of the training. All in all, I am glad I did all three, and would do them all over again.

Thank you Lisa and your team for building and sharing such an impactful workshop.

– Dave G

Dave G


Through the World Works trainings I awoke to what truly matters to me in my life and that is human relationships. I have participated in the Intro, Experience and now Leadership Practice. In all of this I created connection with friends and family that I have never before experienced, especially with my mother, father, and brother. The trainings also roused in me a sense of personal stregth I had previously only dreamed about. I have taken a stand in my career and interpersonal relationships that I am the source of what I want to create!

My dearest friend introduced me to the World Works trainings two years ago and I just wish I would have enrolled sooner! The trainings woke me up and I am forever grateful. I encourage everyone to create a way to be in the World Works trainings!



My name is Caroline and I’m a 34 year old bookkeeper. Prior to taking the WorldWorks Trainings, I had a pretty clear idea of all the things that I wanted out of life but didn’t think any of it was realistic or possible. I didn’t know where to begin. I felt lost, confused, and helpless in regards to my career and my personal life, like I didn’t have a say in how the canvas of my life was to be painted. Soon enough, I discovered that the path to creating the life that I wanted started with the trainings. Not only did the tools and skills I acquired in class support me in realizing that I had the power within me to be whoever I wanted to be, but I also discovered that I didn’t need to live my life as if I were merely a victim of my circumstances. I’ve adopted a newly empowered and confident attitude and I apply it to every aspect of my life on a daily basis. It’s been an absolutely amazing journey. I’ve taken Intro and Experience, and now I am currently in Leadership Practice. During these last few months, I’ve created an open, connected, and loving relationship with my boyfriend of four years and a job title promotion that came with a 20% raise. My awesome family and I now share things with each other that we were never open to sharing before. Needless to say, we are close, supportive, and a lot of fun to be around. There isn’t enough room here to list all the good things I have to say about the WorldWorks Trainings and I have nothing but the utmost gratitude for the trainers and the staff. My life has been forever changed. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.



It took the person who enrolled me almost a year to get me to do this. My interpretation of what I thought this was, was nothing compared to what it actually was. I thought I knew, when in reality I had no idea. I have done the Intro Course and it literally changed my life. The way I look at things and perceive things is very different. The way I look at myself and my relationships has also changed. THIS was on the BEST things I have ever done. I will continue on with the trainings once I have my baby. I am looking forward to learning so much more and becoming the being I was meant to be. Oh yes, and also to mention that I did this course with my husband… it has completely transformed our relationship into something amazing, pure, intimate affectionate and powerful. Wolrdworks is not like your typical transformational workshop, it is very, very different. I say DO WORLDWORKS. You will not regret the outcome.



I’ve completed all 3 trainings 10 years ago and it has been the most powerful and life changing event of my life! I’ve discovered things about myself that I never knew, and how quick I was to judge others. Ever since taking the training I could never be a victim again to circumstances in my life. If these trainings were mandatory in high school, how amazing would this word be without victims! I still use the tools of the training daily and I’m forever grateful to Lisa, Lynne and the staff!

Kathrin Delano


My body is 38 years old and a budding entrepreneur.
I have taken all three trainings, Intro, experience and leadership practice. It could not have been a better time than, when I took this transformational training.
It is truly transformational, bringing an urgency to my entrepreneurial goals and letting go all limiting thoughts. This transformational training has also transformed my relationship with myself and opened up opportunities for fresh and trusting relationships. This training has also aligned my spiritual understanding in my life, so far, to life in this beautiful, physical form.

I am sure there are many many more beautiful things to come, and it this point, I show my gratitude by writing this note, to my friend, who enrolled me, and the amazing leaders and staff of world works.

So much gratitude to Lynne Sheridan and Lisa Kalmin for their incredible commitment and stand in transforming this world.



I’m 66 years old and have pursued personal development for about 35 years. About 10 years ago, I learned about transformation through the World Works courses and began a new process of self-understanding and breakthrough. I completed LP, a couple rounds of Masters classes, and Couples. I’ve recently participated in trial runs of modules for a new series to be available soon and am grateful for new insights and reminders of principles I sometimes forget and choices I don’t consistently make. My journey continues. I am committed to myself, my passions, and my relationships. My heart is open. Possibility is magical.

It’s never too early to begin discovering who you are or too late to BE all you are. I wholeheartedly recommend jumping in with the Intro course and following through with the series. Lisa, Lynne, Bette, and Gabriel are amazing. Namaste



The world works trainings have opened up new possibilities for me with my family and friends. I continue to deepen my relationships with the people that matter the most to me in my life. I also feel as though I have a new and brighter view of the future and the world. Connecting on this level has made me happier and more responsible. I get to truly move forward with my life and live it to the fullest. I’m also discovering that I am more confident about my own talents. This experience has been life altering and I only wish that I had done it 20 years ago.

Robin Wenzell


The World Works trainings have made a significant impact in my life. Since I began the trainings in 2003, I changed my career, travelled the world and married my soul mate. No matter where you are in life, I highly suggest expanding your horizons/possibilities with World Works.



I am very grateful for the Worldworks trainings! They opened up for me a whole new way of being around money, career and abundance. I reconnected to my own source power to create anything I want with ease and joy. Lisa Kalmin and her amazing team are a great source of wisdom, inspiration and support! I highly recommend this trainings to anyone who are on their path to live life of fulfillment, ecstasy and total bliss. THANK YOU WORLDWORKS, I love you!!! Shalom, Baruch.

Baruch Inbar


Through the trainings I have transformed into my power and confidence as well as see transformation all around me. I have created openness with my family and I have created clarity in my vision for the future. The trainings have been a life altering experience I am so grateful for everything that has opened up in my life.



The WW trainings are the most impactful and powerful transformational trainings I have ever attended (and I have attended many). The breakthroughs I have personally had are powerful, amazing and have opened various awareness for my growth.



Out of the trainings, I created intimacy in my relationships, created vulnerability, stepped into my power as a woman and have created leadership opportunities at work. The lessons have been invaluable.



As a result of the training, I truly stepped into my power and noticed where in my I life I was not being authentic. I created breakthrough with my family that I never thought would be possible. I got my fire and passion back in my career and the inspiration to make a profound difference in the world. I found my voice as a woman and took a stand not only for me but for many others. When I enrolled in leadership, many miracles and opportunities fell into my lap. The relationships and commitment I wanted became a reality I fully submerged myself into my power, joy and freedom and never looked back. It is because of these breakthroughs that I am able to stand courageously in any given situation



The trainings have made a profound difference in my life. I am now the responsible loving and connected woman that I forgot I was. I feel free and open to all possibilities! I have been able to get clarity in what I want in my life. I have created job opportunities that I did not even knew were possible. My relationship with my fiancé has never been as loving and connected. I am abundant in all aspects of my life.



I learned that I am much more effective when I released my need to be right. I rediscovered my purpose as confident, passionate and trusting man. I belong and I have all I want. I no longer need to seek validation all the time, I am surrendered and free! The coaches were masters in supporting my transformation.



The WW intro gave me a clear distinction of how I played victim in my life and how powerful it is to be responsible and how responsibility is not a “doingness”, the intro was the opening of the door to healing my relationships. In Experience I got in touch with the beauty of what it is to be and to operate from my true beingness, I had a direct experience of what it is like to inspire others effortlessly. In Leadership, I found “home” I learned to relate to my limiting beliefs I unearthed during experience and Intro in a transformational way.



I experienced daily breakthroughs in LP. Leadership brought out qualities and ways of being in me that I thought was not possible. I realized everything is possible in all areas of my life. I have created a closer family healing after my divorce. I have created possibility in all areas of my life.



I did my WorldWorks trainings eight years ago. I took the opportunity to rewrite the script for my life! The trainings are that impactful! I deepend relationships with my entire family. I attribute my business success directly to relationship and team building skills that I developed and still use. Eight years later, I continue to volunteer to support people in their transformational journeys.



The World Works trainings that I have completed up to this point have been at the very top of the most impacting experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve completed The Intro, The Experience, and I just began my journey with Leadership Practice. Through these trainings I have acquired numerous tools, in which I have been searching for over many years, to support me in breaking through any and all beliefs I have that no longer serve me in my life. To me, these trainings have been EVERYTHING I have been waiting for! I have found immense value in these courses and I will be sharing this with everyone I know, love, and care about deeply. Choosing to be a part of these trainings has been the most important decision I have made in my life up to this point. I am so very grateful, and I will use this gained knowledge and understanding forever. Thank you World Works!

Love, Angela Diane Howell

Angela Howell


I am currently enrolled in my first week of LP. The INTRO and EXPERIENCE gave me insight into my internal world, the ways in which I am “being” with others around me. I have become aware of the in congruency with my word and my actions. They have given me tools to break through my walls and reach outside of myself in the authentic manner in which I seek. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us to continue to transform the world by finding and owning your power! Love to all.

Nicholas Trotter


I am Danielle, a 39 year old Estate Case Manager. The WorldWorks Trainings have changed my life. I completed the Intro, Experience, and I am currently enrolled in Leadership Practice.

I want to thank Lisa for opening my mind to all the possibilities that the universe has to offer. I have overcome fear, and accomplished the impossible all by shifting my way of being. I recommend these trainings to everyone. If you are skeptical don’t be. Trust the process. I had a chance to do it over again and I did. I went back and did the Intro a second time and it was so empowering! The training is up there with the most important moments in my life.

Danielle Olszewski


I have learned a lot about myself and have been able to create a great connection with family that I never had. The training provides the tools for achieving goals, it’s upto me to use them effectively. I was hesitant during some of the sessions, that was when I was away from my comfort zone. It was a natural reaction for me. I have learned to embrace change.



Worldworks trainings have been an amazing journey and ride! When I first enrolled, it was due to the fact that I reconnected with someone who seemed profoundly different than when we had been acquainted before (this someone later became my husband!). I asked him what was different about him, and he mentioned he had taken the “Worldworks Leadership Practice”. I was intrigued and correctly intuited that anything that has such a profound effect on someone in a matter of months must be worth doing.

I signed up for the next available Intro Course and committed myself to the Experience and Leadership Practice modules as well. I can say in a short period of time, I’ve experienced huge breakthroughs in my belief system, ways of being and the effectiveness I have in the world. I’ve brought my relationship to a new and deeper level and am seeing tremendous leaps in my successes. Additionally I’ve made wonderful friends who are leading the world in transformation and positive change, and have aligned myself with the greatness that I am on this planet to be.

Tremendous gratitude to Lisa Kalmin, Lynne Sheridan, the coaches and the staff for making these incredible trainings available to the world. The transformations they are making in people’s lives make a positive impact on this planet and on humanity.



My name is Rafael, 41 and I am Construction/Business Manager. I have completed the Intro and Experience Courses and just completed my first weekend of LP. It has been an amazing journey so far. Intro and Experience have been two of the greatest experiences of my life. LP is in progress, but so far it has been great.
World Works, through its excellent training, has opened up new possibilities in my life. My relationship with my parents and my brother which I thought were pretty good have now become way more open, loving, and connected. I learned a new way to relate to my family and friends that has opened up their hearts to me. I have a new appreciation for all my friends and family that I did not have before.
My better self has emerged from the workshops and people around me are noticing. I am living a more authentic life and I am not being held back by my past history. I have a new found passion to contribute positively to this world and leave it a better place than I found it. I feel like my self imposed blinders have been removed and everything is now open to me.



The worldworks trainings have definitely opened so many things and possibilities in my life that I didn’t see possible for many years ahead of me. Not only the courage to mend relationships with family members, but also to accept and find peace within myself. All the coaches and trainers are completely dedicated to each and every individual and I have never felt so connected and important to people in my whole life. It is truly a blessing and a commitment to push you to your highest possibilities!



My name is Janet Bryden and I am currently in my last two weeks of L.P. hrough these trainings I have created a more open, deep and connected relationship with my four children. I have been able to heal broken relationships and enjoy friendships that had been distant for years. I have way less stress and feel more powerful knowing that I can create the life I want. The trainings have given me the ability to trust myself and see my value so much so that I have taken new strides in a career I always wanted in Real Estate! I get so much peace and joy from focusing out. My partner Dave has seen how much valueable the trainings have been for me that he is signing up for the next Intro!



I have been doing transformation work for over 20 years. I have never found anything as powerful as the WorldWorks trainings. I just completed the Intro and the Experience and am now enrolled in Leadership Practice. I feel this workshop has saved my life. As a single mom with two kids, I am now showing up as a loving mother in a whole new way. I don’t see motherhood as a burden anymore, but as a glorious gift and an opportunity for me to commit to others. For my career, I have created huge opportunities that I never would have thought possible before. I also have a renewed passion to go after my dream of being a very successful singer, something I had put on the back burner recently. Through the trainings I have also taken a stand for healing in my big family of 9 siblings. I have reconnected with all of them in a beautiful way and had breakthrough loving conversations with my father and mother. I feel more loving than I have ever felt in my life. I have also enrolled in a new physical fitness program and have chosen to create the habits to have a healthy body and mind. None of this was possible without WorldWorks. I am forever grateful and recommend this program to anyone and everyone that has big dreams!

Rosie Bernardo


My name is Emma. I’m 29 years old and work as a property managment coorditor. I was introduced to the worldworks trainings in November of 2012 and my life has been forever altrered! I recently comlpleted “The Journey” which consists of the 3-core trainings (introductory course, experience workshop and Leaderhip Practice). Through the trainings, I’ve created deep connected relationships with my family, friends and all the amazing people that I completed the trainings with. I gained self-confidence, power and a profound love for not only myself but everyone around me. I’m now living a life with purpose and have clarity on what I want. The best part is beleiving that it’s all possible to acheive! I created some of the best experiences & memories through the Leadership Practive and would highly recommend all 3 trainings. I am forever grateful that these trainings exist!



I am 29 and an architectural designer in West LA. Out of the World Works trainings I created a new job, transformed my intimate relationship with a powerful, loving, communicative man and stepped into my power as a woman.

Megan OC110


I started intro last November, and I just completed LP last weekend. It’s been almost a 4 month journey, but I’ve created so much valuable and amazing results than past 4 years. First, I’ve created the deeply connected and authentic relationship with my family, and especially with my parents, I really opened everything and I can talk about my life and their lives together, instead talking about weather. In addition, I’m having the most amazing relationship with my boyfriend, and we’re moving to build our family together. Last,in my career, I’ve created 50 percent increased salary while I’m LP, and also I realized that I am very important person so that nobody can put me in the box of a certain number of my worth. And I can choose whatever I want with my own power in my life. WorldWorks training profoundly empowered me, finding true myself, and going forward to live my life as who I am. It’s been the most powerful life shifting experience.



I am 31 and an architectural designer. Through the World Works trainings, I created the courage to leap for things I once thought were not possible. I created a position for myself at a prestigious architecture firm in Santa Monica and get to go to a job everyday I feel passionate about.
I’ve created an even deeper more open relationship with my parents and got to open up conversations with my father I’ve wanted to have my whole life. My relationship with my girlfriend has grown to levels I hadn’t thought were possible.
Most importantly, I get to live my life everyday from my heart, trusting myself to know every decision I make coming from my heart will be the perfect decision!



With WorldWorks I created the space to value my life and everyone else’s to the highest degree. I am committed to living like there’s no time to waste, to be loving and authentic in all my relationships, and to always trust my heart.



Since completing the WorldWorks trainings I have experienced an enhanced ability to make choices and an eagerness to create and embrace a future for myself, my family and friends. I now see the necessity and urgency of transforming not only myself, but the world and am eager to continue doing this most necessary work of transformation.

Marty Neider


Throught the World Works trainings I have been given the tools to create the life I envision for myself. To love unconditionally. To step away from my fears and be the trusting, passionate, joyful woman I am and to make an impact in others lives by giving of myself and standing in their highest possibilities for their life.

Elizabeth Dana


The journey of transformation that I experienced in the World Works process has already changed my life and the lives of my family in profoundly positive ways. I have healed relationships in breakdown. I have skyrocketed great relationships to amazing and beautiful heights, I have achieved goals and dreams that I wasn’t sure was possible before walking into my first training room. All while cultivating a passion for unconditional love and service to humanity. My experience of World Works is that I am being the difference, I am actively creating Heaven on Earth for myself and those around me, every moment of every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kyle Epsteen


These are the best results I could ever ask for:

From my teenage son Garrett: Dad, I appreciate all the things you have done for me. I have seen a huge change in you! You have shown me how I can be a better person in life and enjoy what I have. I’m so grateful to have you in my life and thanks for allowing me to see all the possibilities I have in my life! I love you dad.

From my teenage daughter Lyndsey: Daddy!:) I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and how amazing of a Dad you are! You’re such an amazing guy, friend, brother and so much more. Throughout this past year I hav seen you grow into an even better person than you always have been. I have see you happier and healthier and more excited than ever before. Since I have seen you in your leadership group you have become so happy. I have never seen you so excited about something before. This has changed you and really has given you something to look forward to and I love that! I love you daddy you’re the best and continue what you’re doing because you’re definately doing something right:)!!!

Antony Mitchell, Business Owner


The Worldworks trainings are a profound, deep, and delightful environment. I am so grateful to the woman who enrolled me in this tranformational work. From the trainings,I have created confidence, courage, joy, and passion, working with a transformational leader, and increasing my income. This truly is a magical place to be in, to experience the amazing work that it is. It is a fun environment! I marvel at the memories I have created with my team during Leadership Practice,and I enjoy contributing to the trainings. I can’t even describe how amazing these trainings are!

Brittany H


Michelle Colucci

I experienced the World Works trainings 2 years ago. I am 24 years old. My life has been incredible ever since. I created an authentic honest LOVING relationship with a loyal man who loves me very much. I found the courage to go after my dream job as a flight attendant and passed the trainings with ease. I live on my own now for the first time… Healed my relationship with my family , and cut ties with toxic friends. I am a positive influence to those around me, and the tools I learned in the World Works trainings helped me become the woman I am today. I am forever grateful 🙂

Michelle Colucci


I’m now in my last 2 weeks of the World Works Leadership Practice Course. It’s been the most profoundly challenging time of my life, yet I’m empowered, courageous, loving and free.
The trainings have impacted my life in ways I never dreamed were possible. An unexpected outcome of the trainings was an invitation to meet with his Holiness the Dalai Lama in a private meeting and to be the CA Children’s Ambassador for the children of Tibet.
Another was in my 18 year marriage, we had a shift in passion and spontaneity (my husband started holding and touching me in ways I’ve always wanted), and we are deeply trusting and open with each other now. We express how we feel honestly and don’t take it personal as blame or guilt. It’s freed us up to be self expressed with responsibility.
Also, I’ve become unstoppable in the face of my fears. I’m an actress and had a fear of singing in public, and during the trainings I was cast as a singer/song writer. I almost declined the role because of my fear of looking bad, but I learned 2 new songs on my guitar in 3 days, and filmed the co-starring role of Jeannie singing and playing my guitar on Venice Beach in the film DEACON OF VENICE BEACH.
My life is extraordinary! I’m feeling it all. . .open to it all. . .Thank you Lisa Kalmin and Lynne Sheridan and all the staff at World Works. You are a profoundly loving group of people committed to this world working!!!!

Cali T. Rossen


World Works has opened many doors in my life that I didn’t even know were there. Since starting the Intro course in late March, my personal training business has grown by 25%, I’ve developed better communication and listening skills to heal my relationships with both of my parents (who, mind you, require VERY different means of communication to create understanding), entered and placed in a very competitive Physique competition, and found the openness and vulnerability within myself to have a committed relationship with a woman I normally would have never approached.
World Works doesn’t fix anything in your life, but it gives you the tools to go under your own hood and figure out what is working and what isn’t. To all the staff, coaches, and senior leadership, thank you.



My name is Clark, 22 years old, and I am the Managing Director of a Jewelry Store. As an entrepreneurship student at the University of Southern California I learned all the things I need to do to start a successful business, what I didn’t learn was how to BE a successful business person. I came into the trainings with a purely business focus, but what I realized was that there is so much more.

Dont get me wrong, the tools for business are GREAT (sales are up and I actually enjoy being at work now). The things I never saw coming are a deeper, more connected relationship with my family (which was great to begin with, it’s just beyond words now), less stress/better sleep (it used to take me at least 30 min to fall asleep, now I’m out before I hit the pillow), and more confidence in my relationships as a whole.

I thank the person who told me about World Works every time I talk to him. I’m grateful for all the long hours and passion that Lisa, Lynne, and all the World Works staff put into this inspiring environment. It has given me a constant level of inspiration within myself, I’m truly grateful for that. Now, I get to go out and inspire the people around me, that ability alone has made it all worth it. Thank You.

Clark Claydon


Hi, I’m Javier, 28, entrepeuer, director/producer and visionary. With WorldWorks support, I have let myself be passionate and dream big again with a deeper understanding of how it will be created. I have healed a relationship with my younger brother and began a dialogue with my father and my step-father that I haven’t had for close to 10 years. Being able to realize that I can give back to the world and my community, seeing people as who they want to be and supporting them with their goals and dreams. WorldWorks let me see how to walk-the-walk instead of talk-the-talk, to generate the future I want to see in this world. It has been the biggest blessing and investment I have made in myself.



I have just completed the second part of these trainings and they have woke me up and impacted my life already. I have manifested relationships being healed and refreshed after years of neglect. My family relationships are growing stronger everyday and reaching out to other amazing people in my life. Being reconnected with a long forgotten part of myself and extending that into results that I would have never attempted without these trainings. This has made a huge difference on how i view life and what is possible for the future. Thank you Worldworks!!!



I have just completed the Intro and Experience trainings and will be beginning the Leadership Practice training in a few weeks.

The Introduction gave me new information, new perspectives and insights about myself and others far beyond any education or personal therapy work that I have done over the past 20 years. The trainer, Lynne was nothing short of extraordinary.

The Experience created a profound shift from my inside out, resulting in a physical lightness, relief from stress, contentment and a far deeper connection with myself and others. The trainer, Lisa gave absolutely 100% of her energy, relentless dedication to the process and talent. The quality of my life has been forever enriched.

Michele "Shelley" Whittaker, Marriage and Family Therapist


I have completed both the Intro and the Experience and am starting LP in the next two weeks. I was skeptical about the training at first but the value became more and more apparent with each hour/ The training has been incredibly valuable to me. My relationships with my wife, children and friends have already taken a quantum leap forward…I am now building the business I wanted to have but was afraid to pursue. Thanks World Works for waking me up to the possibilities!

Bill Whittaker, 62, Commercial Real Estate Asset Manager


I’m Hugh B. I am 27 years old and am a singer/actor. Through the world works trainings I have found a new passion in helping people. What I thought was important; money, success, fame, is now second to the relationships I have created by participating. I have now have intimate relationships with my family members while also forging some of the best, most loving friendships I have ever had. Through the process of the trainings, I also got to experience what its like to be the best me in the face of obstacles and situations. Whenever I go on an audition, I am completely present with the casting director. While in the leadership practice, I have booked national commercials and print jobs with major firms. I’ve forged powerful relationships with casting directors and I have created the best me to step out. Ive also dusted off an old dream of being a singer. Before; I was too scared, now I am a back up singer for a well known artist and am going on tour. Also in the works is a Broadway musical. As I said before, all this success is second to the abundance of love and friendship I have. Success to me is nothing without the people to enjoy it with. Thank you World Works for helping me to be the person Ive always wanted.

Hugh B


My name is Sue Ann Pien and I am a 32 year old actress. I did the trainings when I was 24 and decided to become an actress after the first course. Between the first and the second course I was accepted by an amazing agency that I wanted to be represented by. In the third level training the Leadership Practice I booked my first national commercial making over $60,000.

Sue Ann Pien


I’m 31 years old and I took this training 8 years ago. At the time of the trainings I was lost and unsure of what I wanted to create in my life. Through the trainings I learned all the limiting beliefs I held about myself that kept my stagnant in my life. I went to college soon afterwards, started a career and am now in the process of opening up a few restaurants in third world countries under a profit sharing plan to empower my employees. More than anything, the trainings made me realize how capable I am of achieving anything I set my mind to and how every day is a choice and I get to make it whatever I want it to be. There are simply no words to express the importance of these trainings.

Kim T


In Short:
If you are looking for people who provide transformational training in an effective and psychologically responsible way, you have found the right place. As a psychologist I was impressed with the precautions they take, the limits they set, the rules they enforce, and the direction they provide. As a participant, I was impressed with the level and amount of available support that went beyond the paid workshops, in addition to the effectiveness of the workshop material and activities. I recommend Intro and Experience to every human being on this planet. In fact, if everyone did this for their own benefit, society would greatly benefit also and we would live in a far better world.

Expanded Personal Viewpoint:
Introductory Course: There were 53 participants in the Intro training that I was in. I was so impressed with the profound effect on myself, that I did an impromptu and unscientific survey at the end to see if it had the same impact on everyone else too. I found that 51 of us reported feeling a profound impact, while 2 reported minimal impact. I also unexpectedly learned that while 51 of us felt profound impact, the experience was not at all the same for all of us. We each had our own unique experience, guided by who we were prior to Intro, what we thought we were entering by entering Intro, our personality types, and our level of participation in Intro. I also got a very large variety of answers when I asked what the biggest lesson or takeaway was for each person.
The Experience Workshop: I did the Experience with 35 total participants. I did an informal survey at the end of that too. All of the 35 participants reported profound impact and great value. I did not ask about lessons and takeaways then, because we became so familiar and invested in each other during Experience that there was no need to ask. There were those of us whose faces and body language just looked unrecognizably different after different activities. This difference was not just apparent to us participants, but also to friends and families and co-workers of the individuals too. Those of us who are on facebook are facebook friends now. It stops there for some, but others have become very close friends. Some of us continue to talk to each other on the phone weekly or even daily, and get together for birthdays or newly shared activities. This continued closeness is especially true of those who did Leadership together a fter Experience.

The Leadership Practice: I also did Leadership, as did 24 others. But by the time we were done, only 16 remained. I can say that I learned a lot and got a lot of value out of leadership. But there were also things about our leadership experience that I did not like. If you ever hear cult-like or recruitment criticism about transformational trainings, this is the stage that they are talking about. Enrollment was emphasized to such a degree that it made me uncomfortable and even defensive. But the conflict it created was helpful for learning a lot about myself and my relationship with others. Also there was much more to leadership than that, and I found the rest very valuable without any reservations. So, if I had to do it all over again, would I still do it? Yes. But the answer was not yes for everyone in our group. I recommend leadership to those who are willing to make a long term commitment, and those who welcome furth er breakthrough.



I am a 41yo artist, father and husband. I participated in the WorldWorks trainings 10 years ago. At that time, I was divorced, looking for work and not making art. Through the trainings, I saw what was holding me back, what my own possibilities really were and gained an unlimited amount of personal tools to achieve my life goals. The past ten years has not been a walk in the park, but, with steady practice and commitment, I utilize the distinctions and tools of the trainings everyday to create my life. Today, I have shown my art in galleries from New York to California, have a Masters Degree, am an art professor at a prestigious liberal arts university, opened and own my own personal art gallery and studio, am completing a non-profit global peace project, have traveled to numerous countries around the world and most of all, am a proud father and husband with a family that is truly loving. Life is too short to not live my life as it was meant to be lived. The WorldWorks trainings gave me tools to create the life I always wanted to live and I will forever be grateful.



I am 32 and head of Business Development for a financial Service Company. World Works has been one of the greatest things to come in to my life right behind my son being born. I have created an open loving relationship with my Dad and family members that I once dreamed of. Also, I have created so many huge business goals and opportunities to be able to provide for my family. Thank you Lisa Kalmin and World Works staff for all that you do. You have inspired and empowered me to create so much greatness in my life and I am forever grateful.


Matthew R


Brian L

Completing the World Works trainings have completely freed me up in my career as an actor. I have been able to access a deep level intimacy and truth within myself for characters that I play. I found the love in what I do and the person I am..worth the price of admission.. Since completion, I have shot 6 national commercials, booked a recurring role on a TV show, and premiered a movie I wrote and acted in at Paramount…The Experience lit a fire in behind and brought the passion back into my life.

Brian L


Through the World Works trainings I have created new levels of confidence and courage that I have never experienced before. I came into the World Works trainings wanting to know what’s next for me, what is possible for me and how to achieve the goals that I set for myself. Through the trainings I am constantly creating excitement, joy and passion in all areas of my life, my career at work, my relationships with friends, family and in my dating life. I can’t thank the trainers, staff, voluneteers and participants enough! I am forever grateful to everyone for supporting me in my journey!

Robert C.


When my Journey with World Works began in January 2010, I was a 25 year old actress who had lived, worked and traveled internationally, and enjoyed success in all areas of my life- spiritual, personal, career, in philanthropy etc. Yet I had no idea what was about to transpire…. through the trainings, I opened my heart to a man for the first time in my life and within the first two months of our relationship, we spent 18 days traveling India together; 25 lbs. melted off my body in a matter of weeks after years of struggling with the body image conversation; acting opportunities began to flow in along with my career as a plus-size model making a come back ten years after I first entered the market in NYC; my relationship with my mother (and best friend) got that much stronger after she chose to fly back and forth from Indianapolis, IN to participate in the trainings herself after witnessing what they were doing in my life. The list goes on…… I am ever grateful for the work being done by the World Works Trainer’s, Staff, Volunteer Coaches and Participants – the willingness to give and see mankind and our world in the light of love, peace, unity, courage, contribution, joy, passion, trust, authenticity is a constant inspiration! I am ever grateful!

Katie W.


I was introduce to the world works trainings two years ago and through the trainings I have created loving, connected, authenitic relationships with everyone around me.
I also stand in my confidence to explore my passions and goals in a way that I could only dream of before.
I’ve since completed all three trainings and rate my experience as one of the top three experiences in my life .

Oscar V.


My name is Karl and I am a 28 year old Engineer. Through the WorldWorks Trainings I have created courgage, confidence, connection, vulnerability and direction. These amazing qualities apply to many aspects of my life including my relationship with my father, work performance and relationships with both old and new found friends. I don’t “imagine the possibilities” of life and what is out there for me anymore, “I live in them.”



My name is Stephanie, I’m 28 and an actor. Through the World Works trainings I have created a deep, loving, open, authentic, and supportive relationship with my younger brother. I have also been given the gift of dreaming again and realizing my vision is greater than I ever dreamed possible and that I WILL change the world. I have the power and confidence to achieve my wildest dreams.



I was introduced to WorldWorks in 2009 by a good friend. Prior to me attending their Guest Event (a Guest Event is where you can see some of the processes) I had never heard of “transformational trainings” but I did know that coaches are used by sports teams and by people for personal, physical, and business development.

I am in my late 40’s, I am the CFO of a corporate health care company, and most everyone would describe me “successful”. Through the WorldWorks trainings, I discovered possibilities that I never knew existed in my life. I now work less, I make more money, I have fun with my family and my friends, I started a charity, I volunteer in my community, and I am passionate about affordable housing.

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Lisa Kalmin, the staff, and the coaches for having me win the gold medal of life!

Blair H.


Through the World Works trainings I have been able to access a part of me that I had lost. When I began the World Works trainings I was very unhappy with my family relationships, felt like I had no control in my life and was allowing other people’s opinions to overshadow mine. After completing the Intro and Experience, I got my self confidence back and am now in control of my life. I have closer relationships with my mom and brother, I have intimate relationships with my friends and I have a deeper connection with my boyfriend, who is also in the World Works trainings. World Works has transformed my family in a way that I did not think possible. I am currently in the Leadership Practice, which is teaching me that no matter what occurs in life, I am responsible and in control.

Brittany M


My name is Christopher Salvo, I am 21, and I am a physics student. These trainings have opened up space for me to question beliefs I had never thought of before. I have shifted my concentration from doing school work to focusing on my girlfriend. I have also been supported on deepening my relationship with my parents. I also realized I have been limiting myself, my whole life with the belief that I am not good enough.

Christopher Salvo


SearchI have participated in all 3 of the trainings and i am currently in the process of completing LP. I have experienced authentic love and connection with my family and friends. I am currently in the process of completing my 501c3 a vision that i once talked about and now i am touching it. Thank you WoldWorks. Love Demona


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