My participation in the WorldWorks journey was unplanned, and it is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. The most profound moment of my life, since the birth of my daughter, was the moment I looked back on my 4-month journey with WorldWorks and acknowledged all that I created during that powerful time. I created deep and joyful connections with my husband and young daughter. In those relationships I learned to create win-win scenarios on a daily basis, enhancing everyone’s experience of both our time together and our time apart. In my work I created dozens of new clients in a short period of time, and I increased my income in my second business over 1000% in only 4 months! I created competing publishing offers for my book, and other key business content. I learned essential information about myself, what it takes to be a winning part of a winning team, and what it means to be a leader. I got under life-long beliefs that have limited both my results and my experiences at various times in my life, and I was able to break through those to connect every day to my vision! I created an indelible understanding of what it means to take a stand for who and what matter to me. And most importantly, I created relationships both in and out of the training that are deep, connected, loving, authentic, and that will last a lifetime. I can hardly express enough gratitude to convey what is true for me about the value of this work! -Julie

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