Beth: I was blessed to have completed the entire journey-Intro, experience and leadership. In my opinion it is the trifecta of Magic. Miracles were created beyond my wildest imagination. My fractured family was healed. My daughters now have their father back in their daily lives I reconciled with the love of my life and enriched the relationship with my mother. This was on top of giving up smoking, losing weight and gaining clarity on my career. It was one of the greatest journeys of my life and I plan to continue. It is the greatest game in town. Heather: My job was great before I started the WW trainings. I have a great job awesome family, loving husband. During the intro course, I realized all of the things that were within my comfort zone. I realized all of my relationships had a potential to be a 100 percent improved. I knew my purpose and was afraid to put myself out there and create it. There was a lack of depth and authenticity in the way I was showing up for others. Since completing the whole journey, I have created and witnessed miracles, like forming a second family, finding my power and confidences and having breakthroughs in my marriage, pursing my dream job and increasing my income. Ryan: Through my participation in this journey I have opened new possibilities in relationships, have experienced myself as a powerful leader, created a courage to take tremendous risks. I also learned I don’t need to do everything myself that there is support around me, all I have to do is ask. Denise: I have created congruency in myself of who I am and who I want to be, I am clear about my purpose, connection family and money and most importantly, I have learned to step in a way of being that is can create magic, joy and power around me, I have learned my dreams and potential and I am living them. Ruth: I have created a clearer space in which to figure out my next career path and how to be to achieve whatever it is I want to create. I ve gotten the courage to really examine where I am in my life and what I need to do . Anthony: Through this work I created a safe environment for myself to explore the past, uncover my limiting beliefs and then step into my power and being the man I meant to be. Sione: Through all the trainings I got the opportunity to identify and take on huge conversations in my life that was limiting my life, conversations that I was conscious and unconscious to. More importantly I have created such an deep understanding of love, trust and passion and joy that has rippled inside me. These trainings have been the most impactful experience in my life. Jenn: I have created confidence and self-acceptance, I have created peace around my past and the opportunity for a new family relationships. I have let go of the past beliefs that did not serve and have created the space for a new loving committed and connected relations. I’ve created a deeper connected relationship with my mom. I have joy and passions in my life like I have never had before. Karsten: My participation ii the journey has allowed me to open to incredible possibilities in my life, the experiences I have created here I would not trade for anything in the world. I have discovered ways to access my power and have opened up my heart to others to love others and myself in ways that I never thought was possible. I have a new excitement for my life and my future. This is something everyone should do. Carmen: I have become a whole person standing as a source of unconditional love, peace and authentic joy in all aspect of my life. I have created healing for myself and all my immediate family. I get to Leave a legacy of love , connection and responsibility for my family and beyond. Sara: The trainings have brought me back and I feel alive. I got back my power. Love passion and joy. I realize how much I matter, I am source of joy and happiness and I don’t need to wait for it. Thanks to the trainers, staff and my seniors, I created breakthroughs in all aspects of my life.

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