My name is Tehrah and I am 47 years. I am a professional singer/songwriter/performer and I have invested in Real Estate for over 20 years… I have given my life to Humanitarian Causes and Transformation of our world for the past 7 years using my music as a tool and my ability to connect with others…I am so grateful for World Works Training, which has created possibility for my dreams to be manifest in a real and tangible way. Currently, I have completed Intro and Experience and I am in my second week of Leadership Training and Loving every minute of it… though it’s extremely challenging, it’s everything I need in order to create a template for living BIG with BIG people… creating TEAM where everyone wins, and incredible support like I have never experienced in my entire career or life of 48 years. I have lived a very full life and pretty much done it all. I have experienced deep spiritual experiences, completed many of the top transformational seminars and early in my life, at least 15 years of therapy that helped to a degree; but nothing like what World Works has provided. I am creating a life of my dreams and set to Win!… thank you World Works! Sincerely, Tehrah

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