Nina O'Neil
I have participated in transformational programs for over 18 years and the WorldWorks trainings have been one of the most profound experiences for me. The experiential learning and exercises enabled me to not only observe myself but allowed for a fundamental shift in being at the cellular level to occur when I connected my thoughts and beliefs to my feeling and emotions and allowed myself to experience everything. I moved to LA three years ago from Chicago. When I was in Chicago, I had an experience of myself as being confident, powerful and a woman who accomplished what she set her mind to. My LA move was a big step into a new direction and along the way I became fearful, mistrusting and uncertain about myself, others and the direction I was headed. I wasn’t experiencing much joy or feeling as though I was moving my life forward in alignment with my visions. Through the trainings, I remembered that I am responsible for my life and my experiences and it has profoundly shifted my experience of living in LA and of myself. I’ve reclaimed that confident, powerful woman and have discovered other sides of myself as well. I now have a blank canvas in which to create my life and I have gotten clarity and focused on the vision for my life. I am experiencing joy and a sense of peace, worrying less and am willing to stretch myself into new opportunities and adventures.

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