There are two experiences in my life which define who I am now: Traveling the world solo for 8 months post-college, and World Works training at age 19. Now, fourteen years after completing the Intro, Experience and the first LP course OC1 in Orange County, there is not a day that goes by in which I find myself wondering how different my life would have been without it. I finally decided to google “World Works” to see what had become of it, and was excited to see that it still exists and continues to help people get a better understanding of themselves and their many life relationships. I wanted to say Thanks! by leaving my testimonial of some of the major things I took from it, and how it has shaped my life. First, I have confidence knowing that I am the one in control of all aspects of my life, and that I have the power to create anything in it. I have a deeper understanding of those around me: how they think, feel, and relate with others… which is huge in a new era of thinly defined online social interactions. I have a great understanding of who I am, how I got here, and who I want to be. I have a new appreciation of being candid and vulnerable in my life relationships… taking chances opens so many doors. I have learned the value of being a fighter for what you are passionate about. My experiences are unique to me, and I am sure those that have taken these courses or who are deciding to, will gain something different entirely. What’s most important is that you are willing to discover how this training can and will positively impact your future. Quick thoughts on the three courses: Intro – great eye opener, wonderful info that is impactful immediately. Can easily be taken with other people you know. Experience – much deeper, much more personal, and most powerful. I recommend taking this course with strangers or those in your Intro class. The power in it is being fully engaged, authentic, and real… which can be difficult with loved ones, old friends and work colleagues. Leadership – takes creating what you want in life to a new level. Also requires a little bit of intestinal fortitude to engage others and share what you have learned and experienced as a result of the training. All in all, I am glad I did all three, and would do them all over again. Thank you Lisa and your team for building and sharing such an impactful workshop. – Dave G

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