It took the person who enrolled me almost a year to get me to do this. My interpretation of what I thought this was, was nothing compared to what it actually was. I thought I knew, when in reality I had no idea. I have done the Intro Course and it literally changed my life. The way I look at things and perceive things is very different. The way I look at myself and my relationships has also changed. THIS was on the BEST things I have ever done. I will continue on with the trainings once I have my baby. I am looking forward to learning so much more and becoming the being I was meant to be. Oh yes, and also to mention that I did this course with my husband… it has completely transformed our relationship into something amazing, pure, intimate affectionate and powerful. Wolrdworks is not like your typical transformational workshop, it is very, very different. I say DO WORLDWORKS. You will not regret the outcome.

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