Worldworks trainings have been an amazing journey and ride! When I first enrolled, it was due to the fact that I reconnected with someone who seemed profoundly different than when we had been acquainted before (this someone later became my husband!). I asked him what was different about him, and he mentioned he had taken the “Worldworks Leadership Practice”. I was intrigued and correctly intuited that anything that has such a profound effect on someone in a matter of months must be worth doing. I signed up for the next available Intro Course and committed myself to the Experience and Leadership Practice modules as well. I can say in a short period of time, I’ve experienced huge breakthroughs in my belief system, ways of being and the effectiveness I have in the world. I’ve brought my relationship to a new and deeper level and am seeing tremendous leaps in my successes. Additionally I’ve made wonderful friends who are leading the world in transformation and positive change, and have aligned myself with the greatness that I am on this planet to be. Tremendous gratitude to Lisa Kalmin, Lynne Sheridan, the coaches and the staff for making these incredible trainings available to the world. The transformations they are making in people’s lives make a positive impact on this planet and on humanity.

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