My name is Rafael, 41 and I am Construction/Business Manager. I have completed the Intro and Experience Courses and just completed my first weekend of LP. It has been an amazing journey so far. Intro and Experience have been two of the greatest experiences of my life. LP is in progress, but so far it has been great. World Works, through its excellent training, has opened up new possibilities in my life. My relationship with my parents and my brother which I thought were pretty good have now become way more open, loving, and connected. I learned a new way to relate to my family and friends that has opened up their hearts to me. I have a new appreciation for all my friends and family that I did not have before. My better self has emerged from the workshops and people around me are noticing. I am living a more authentic life and I am not being held back by my past history. I have a new found passion to contribute positively to this world and leave it a better place than I found it. I feel like my self imposed blinders have been removed and everything is now open to me.

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