I have been doing transformation work for over 20 years. I have never found anything as powerful as the WorldWorks trainings. I just completed the Intro and the Experience and am now enrolled in Leadership Practice. I feel this workshop has saved my life. As a single mom with two kids, I am now showing up as a loving mother in a whole new way. I don’t see motherhood as a burden anymore, but as a glorious gift and an opportunity for me to commit to others. For my career, I have created huge opportunities that I never would have thought possible before. I also have a renewed passion to go after my dream of being a very successful singer, something I had put on the back burner recently. Through the trainings I have also taken a stand for healing in my big family of 9 siblings. I have reconnected with all of them in a beautiful way and had breakthrough loving conversations with my father and mother. I feel more loving than I have ever felt in my life. I have also enrolled in a new physical fitness program and have chosen to create the habits to have a healthy body and mind. None of this was possible without WorldWorks. I am forever grateful and recommend this program to anyone and everyone that has big dreams!

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