My name is Emma. I’m 29 years old and work as a property managment coorditor. I was introduced to the worldworks trainings in November of 2012 and my life has been forever altrered! I recently comlpleted “The Journey” which consists of the 3-core trainings (introductory course, experience workshop and Leaderhip Practice). Through the trainings, I’ve created deep connected relationships with my family, friends and all the amazing people that I completed the trainings with. I gained self-confidence, power and a profound love for not only myself but everyone around me. I’m now living a life with purpose and have clarity on what I want. The best part is beleiving that it’s all possible to acheive! I created some of the best experiences & memories through the Leadership Practive and would highly recommend all 3 trainings. I am forever grateful that these trainings exist!

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