I’m now in my last 2 weeks of the World Works Leadership Practice Course. It’s been the most profoundly challenging time of my life, yet I’m empowered, courageous, loving and free. The trainings have impacted my life in ways I never dreamed were possible. An unexpected outcome of the trainings was an invitation to meet with his Holiness the Dalai Lama in a private meeting and to be the CA Children’s Ambassador for the children of Tibet. Another was in my 18 year marriage, we had a shift in passion and spontaneity (my husband started holding and touching me in ways I’ve always wanted), and we are deeply trusting and open with each other now. We express how we feel honestly and don’t take it personal as blame or guilt. It’s freed us up to be self expressed with responsibility. Also, I’ve become unstoppable in the face of my fears. I’m an actress and had a fear of singing in public, and during the trainings I was cast as a singer/song writer. I almost declined the role because of my fear of looking bad, but I learned 2 new songs on my guitar in 3 days, and filmed the co-starring role of Jeannie singing and playing my guitar on Venice Beach in the film DEACON OF VENICE BEACH. My life is extraordinary! I’m feeling it all. . .open to it all. . .Thank you Lisa Kalmin and Lynne Sheridan and all the staff at World Works. You are a profoundly loving group of people committed to this world working!!!!