My name is Clark, 22 years old, and I am the Managing Director of a Jewelry Store. As an entrepreneurship student at the University of Southern California I learned all the things I need to do to start a successful business, what I didn’t learn was how to BE a successful business person. I came into the trainings with a purely business focus, but what I realized was that there is so much more. Dont get me wrong, the tools for business are GREAT (sales are up and I actually enjoy being at work now). The things I never saw coming are a deeper, more connected relationship with my family (which was great to begin with, it’s just beyond words now), less stress/better sleep (it used to take me at least 30 min to fall asleep, now I’m out before I hit the pillow), and more confidence in my relationships as a whole. I thank the person who told me about World Works every time I talk to him. I’m grateful for all the long hours and passion that Lisa, Lynne, and all the World Works staff put into this inspiring environment. It has given me a constant level of inspiration within myself, I’m truly grateful for that. Now, I get to go out and inspire the people around me, that ability alone has made it all worth it. Thank You.