I’m Hugh B. I am 27 years old and am a singer/actor. Through the world works trainings I have found a new passion in helping people. What I thought was important; money, success, fame, is now second to the relationships I have created by participating. I have now have intimate relationships with my family members while also forging some of the best, most loving friendships I have ever had. Through the process of the trainings, I also got to experience what its like to be the best me in the face of obstacles and situations. Whenever I go on an audition, I am completely present with the casting director. While in the leadership practice, I have booked national commercials and print jobs with major firms. I’ve forged powerful relationships with casting directors and I have created the best me to step out. Ive also dusted off an old dream of being a singer. Before; I was too scared, now I am a back up singer for a well known artist and am going on tour. Also in the works is a Broadway musical. As I said before, all this success is second to the abundance of love and friendship I have. Success to me is nothing without the people to enjoy it with. Thank you World Works for helping me to be the person Ive always wanted.