In Short: If you are looking for people who provide transformational training in an effective and psychologically responsible way, you have found the right place. As a psychologist I was impressed with the precautions they take, the limits they set, the rules they enforce, and the direction they provide. As a participant, I was impressed with the level and amount of available support that went beyond the paid workshops, in addition to the effectiveness of the workshop material and activities. I recommend Intro and Experience to every human being on this planet. In fact, if everyone did this for their own benefit, society would greatly benefit also and we would live in a far better world. Expanded Personal Viewpoint: Introductory Course: There were 53 participants in the Intro training that I was in. I was so impressed with the profound effect on myself, that I did an impromptu and unscientific survey at the end to see if it had the same impact on everyone else too. I found that 51 of us reported feeling a profound impact, while 2 reported minimal impact. I also unexpectedly learned that while 51 of us felt profound impact, the experience was not at all the same for all of us. We each had our own unique experience, guided by who we were prior to Intro, what we thought we were entering by entering Intro, our personality types, and our level of participation in Intro. I also got a very large variety of answers when I asked what the biggest lesson or takeaway was for each person. The Experience Workshop: I did the Experience with 35 total participants. I did an informal survey at the end of that too. All of the 35 participants reported profound impact and great value. I did not ask about lessons and takeaways then, because we became so familiar and invested in each other during Experience that there was no need to ask. There were those of us whose faces and body language just looked unrecognizably different after different activities. This difference was not just apparent to us participants, but also to friends and families and co-workers of the individuals too. Those of us who are on facebook are facebook friends now. It stops there for some, but others have become very close friends. Some of us continue to talk to each other on the phone weekly or even daily, and get together for birthdays or newly shared activities. This continued closeness is especially true of those who did Leadership together a fter Experience. The Leadership Practice: I also did Leadership, as did 24 others. But by the time we were done, only 16 remained. I can say that I learned a lot and got a lot of value out of leadership. But there were also things about our leadership experience that I did not like. If you ever hear cult-like or recruitment criticism about transformational trainings, this is the stage that they are talking about. Enrollment was emphasized to such a degree that it made me uncomfortable and even defensive. But the conflict it created was helpful for learning a lot about myself and my relationship with others. Also there was much more to leadership than that, and I found the rest very valuable without any reservations. So, if I had to do it all over again, would I still do it? Yes. But the answer was not yes for everyone in our group. I recommend leadership to those who are willing to make a long term commitment, and those who welcome furth er breakthrough.