When my Journey with World Works began in January 2010, I was a 25 year old actress who had lived, worked and traveled internationally, and enjoyed success in all areas of my life- spiritual, personal, career, in philanthropy etc. Yet I had no idea what was about to transpire…. through the trainings, I opened my heart to a man for the first time in my life and within the first two months of our relationship, we spent 18 days traveling India together; 25 lbs. melted off my body in a matter of weeks after years of struggling with the body image conversation; acting opportunities began to flow in along with my career as a plus-size model making a come back ten years after I first entered the market in NYC; my relationship with my mother (and best friend) got that much stronger after she chose to fly back and forth from Indianapolis, IN to participate in the trainings herself after witnessing what they were doing in my life. The list goes on…… I am ever grateful for the work being done by the World Works Trainer’s, Staff, Volunteer Coaches and Participants – the willingness to give and see mankind and our world in the light of love, peace, unity, courage, contribution, joy, passion, trust, authenticity is a constant inspiration! I am ever grateful!