I came to the Money and Wealth Super Series to breakthrough: My pattern of confusion and lack of trust in my ability to manage my own finances. I am excellent at managing other people’s money but never applied the same attention to my own. The results: I created a specific system to allocate my income into different money jars (bank accounts) created for specific purposes. As a result I am now paying down debt by over $1,000 more per month, and I created a Fun Money account for my vacations so that I don’t add to my debt. At this point, I can see a clear path to being debt free and being able to build up an investment account for the real estate investing I want to do to create passive income in the future. I feel like simply having this really clear vision for how to use my money opened up so many possibilities – and it brought in 4 new clients during the course! Plus, I really love now having Happy Money in my accounts and being grateful every time I pay any bill. My biggest breakthrough was breaking through the resistance to really seeing where I stood financially, accepting where I am as OK, letting go of any blame or guilt around how I got here and looking forward to creating a new path to financial freedom. I recommend this Super Series for: Anyone who feels in any way lost or confused or has stress and anxiety around money matters. -Christina Nowacki, 54 Bookkeeper

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