I came to the Money and Wealth Super Series to breakthrough feeling stuck financially as a result of a prolonged divorce. In 6 weeks, I was able to powerfully create all of the following: 1) Sudden relief from a debt of approximately $100,000, and a plan put in place to decrease debt further by at least $30,000 within a year, 2) A bonus and a promotion at my current job, and 3) New sources of income from a side hustle (which will be my primary business by spring 2021!) and passive investment. My biggest breakthrough was that I am enough and I am worthy, and when I wholeheartedly believe that, I attract income and take actions that eliminate debt. And it can be with ease! I recommend this Super Series for anyone who wants to discover what limiting beliefs get in the way of making more money and creating abundant wealth, no matter what their starting level or “Doing” knowledge they may have. -Melanie Palomares, 52 Oncologist

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