The WorldWorks Family training was an amazing experience for the Schauble family in creating an open and trusting space for everyone to honestly express themselves about what is and isn’t working in our family. This is especially important to Celia and I as we are a divorced couple raising two loving, kind, joyful, and independent boys. I learned that I get to break out of my doingness and create connection with my boys. I learned that I get to ask my boys and Celia for what I want. I learned to be vulnerable in asking my boys for feedback and to provide authentic feedback to them and really listen to their messages. I learned that the agreements that I make to my family are sacred and when I don’t follow through I destroy trust. Our sharing as a family through the training created so much love, tears, laughter, hugs, trust, and clarity. I recommend that training for all families who are committed to building a loving, joyful, courageous, and trusting family. -Darrin Schauble, Age 50 Sr Program Manager, Medtronic, Inc.