I’ve been trying to figure out how to put this into words. Things have been happening so fast in my life since enlisting the personal 1:1 coaching of Lisa. I’ve set, met, and exceeded financial goals for personal income and investment for my start up. This has been an incredible journey. I’ve been “studying” transformation, therapy/psychology (I’m a psychologist as well as Entrepreneur), and spiritual practices of all sorts, but the coaching with Lisa has taken all of the theory, knowledge, and workshop content (so many workshops and so much content), and put it all into practical real life application. It’s been one of the most powerful supportive experiences: setting goals, being accountable, and getting 1:1 preparation for meetings to figure out how to APPLY the steps to enrollment. To some degree, things feel unstoppable in my life and business. I keep waiting until I hit the next milestone or plateau to write a review where I can say “mission accomplished” but there has not been a plateau. That said, I’m trying to put into words the gratitude I’m experiencing on an almost regular moment-to-moment basis for the coaching I’ve received to support me stepping into my life, playing a HUGE game, and holding the space for what we are creating for the World. Thank you. -Tony Greco, PsyD

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