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One on One Personal Coaching With Lisa Kalmin

Lisa Kalmin
Are you interested in producing extraordinary results in your life? Do you struggle with balancing work and family? Do you want to access different ways of being, experiencing yourself distinct from your past and past ideas about you? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, or if you simply have an idea that you are living only a portion of who you can be and you are interested in discovering what more is possible, then you may want to consider one-on-one personal coaching designed to fit and meet your specific goals. Lisa’s clients typically achieve these kinds of results:
  • Double or triple your income.
  • Find lasting and authentic love.
  • Start your dream career or heartfelt passion.
  • Connect emotionally and sexually with your partner.
  • Find peace in your family relationships.
  • Lose 10-30 pounds and experience true vitality.
  • Learn concrete strategies to reduce stress by 50% or more.
Whatever your dream, goals or vision, working with Lisa will support you in achieving career success, increasing income, achieving optimum health, creating and healing relationships, as well as experiencing freedom. Lisa has 31 years of coaching and training experience. If you would like to give yourself the gift of accomplishment, then consider a partner in reaching your goals, dreams and aspirations. The focus of transformational coaching is on who you are “being” as well as any strategy that will support your commitments. In looking at who you are being, Lisa will dive into your mindset and paradigm, your belief system. In seeing your mindset or belief system, you often have an immediate shift and quantum leap results. You may or may not end of shifting your actions. Transformational coaching is designed to empower you to:
  • Clarify and expand your heartfelt vision;
  • Identify, set and accomplish clear and measurable goals;
  • Define or redefine what is it that is important to you;
  • Determine not only the actions needed to accomplish goals, but access the qualities and characteristics to produce the result;
  • Inspire you to breakthrough perceived barriers, achieve your dreams and be your best.
Please contact Lisa Kalmin to explore working together and to schedule a complimentary one-on-one “vision quest” session. Lisa can be reached at 949-916-1585 or


I’ve been trying to figure out how to put this into words. Things have been happening so fast in my life since enlisting the personal 1:1 coaching of Lisa. I’ve set, met, and exceeded financial goals for personal income and investment for my start up. This has been an incredible journey. I’ve been “studying” transformation, therapy/psychology (I’m a psychologist as well as Entrepreneur), and spiritual practices of all sorts, but the coaching with Lisa has taken all of the theory, knowledge, and workshop content (so many workshops and so much content), and put it all into practical real life application. It’s been one of the most powerful supportive experiences: setting goals, being accountable, and getting 1:1 preparation for meetings to figure out how to APPLY the steps to enrollment. To some degree, things feel unstoppable in my life and business. I keep waiting until I hit the next milestone or plateau to write a review where I can say “mission accomplished” but there has not been a plateau. That said, I’m trying to put into words the gratitude I’m experiencing on an almost regular moment-to-moment basis for the coaching I’ve received to support me stepping into my life, playing a HUGE game, and holding the space for what we are creating for the World. Thank you.Tony Greco, PsyD
Within minutes of speaking—whether it is organizing the creative confetti of my brain into doable grounded tasks, shedding light on limiting beliefs or a core wound that is sabotaging my success—Lisa zeroes in on *exactly what is needed for me to accomplish my goals. After two weeks of no new sales in my business, I created thousands of dollars within one hour of my coaching session with Lisa!! This woman is a wizard!Lauren Kay Wyatt, Founder: Love Renegades, 35-years-old
Wow! In a 30-minute session, we pivoted from a lackluster vision into absolute inspiration for our upcoming program. Not only did you help us shift our mindsets and realign us with our “Big Why,” the clear, brilliant strategy you guided us through is currently taking our business to the next level. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lisa! Your coaching is stellar – top notch!Veronica Krestow and Jason Frahm