Featured WorldWorks Graduates

Featured WorldWorks Graduates

Sergio Estrella

A Husband and A Father

My name is Sergio Estrella and I am thirty-three years old, and there are no words to describe what I created during, and after Leadership Practice. I will do my best to sum up what transpired during, and after this life changing event. Hard to get into just a paragraph, but I’ll give it a shot. During the Leadership Practice I created openness with my father, who I did not know at all. In that process, I discovered that I have eight brothers and sisters and began to develop a relationship with my newfound family. In my career, I was promoted and took on leadership roles as manager of the bank where I was working at the time. I became more confident, self-assured and that showed in all of my relationships. My already great relationship with my mother went to a level I had not previously imagined, and I became closer to my entire family – deeply connected, string and loving. And the best? I created an open, intimate, inspiring and loving relationship with the most amazing woman in the world. Two years ago, we took our vows, were married, and now have a beautiful five-month-old son. I continue to use the tools that I learned during the Leadership Practice to achieve new goals and continue to forward my existing relationships. LP has supported me to see that in my life there are infinite possibilities to create what I want and I am very happy and grateful to have chosen to take on this journey.

Dr. Sheila Hughes


Leadership Practice was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I created so much value, not just for myself, but also for my husband, children and my patients. During my Leadership Practice I found a place of confidence, openness and vulnerability resulting in my Weight Management and Wellness practice doubling in size in less than 3 months! My patients are cared for and supported and a grateful celebrity patient recently mentioned us on the Dr. Oz show!

My husband Bennie and I are entering into our 30th year of marriage, and I thought it was wonderful prior to the trainings – I had no idea how amazing it would be after. We are closer and more connected than ever.

Bennie Harris

A Husband and A Father

Through the Worldworks Experience training, I was able to come face to face with some long-held limiting beliefs, and successfully take them on, break them up, and transcend them. Additionally, participating in the “Experience” with my wife and son, allowed for a ‘safe, neutral space’ for each of us to be heard and acknowledged, thus creating a more cohesive relationship within our family.

Charlotte Lake


I rank doing the Experience as one of the two most important experiences of my life next to marrying my husband.

In only five days, my entire life was changed to what I never envisioned. I shifted from being a victim and experiencing that life happens to me, to being fully responsible and standing as source and generator of it (life), and loving it!

I now know that I can show up fully in despite of any and all feelings, circumstances and limiting beliefs. There is no greater freedom! The great gift of the Experience was in identifying limiting beliefs I didn’t know that I had, making it possible for my vision to come into being in the here and now and manifesting in real and tangible results!

In twenty years of transformational work, I have never experienced anything like this. The learning is purely experiential — cellular learning — creating lasting behavioral change.

Lisa Kalmin (and Lynne Sheridan are) is a Master Teacher like no one else. You will never experience anyone ever taking a more fierce and uncompromising stand for you and your most authentic gifts being given fully!

I stand forever grateful as I now live an incredibly authentic and empowered life filled with so much joy and love and infinite possibilities. I now get to fully experience my greatness and take ownership of it!

Sue Ann Pien


Being a UCLA student at the time I started my entire Journey through the Worldworks Trainings was incredible.

I still remember having to complete a final paper for one of my classes after finishing a night of the Intro. Something was different. I began to relate to the paper I was writing on the Rwandan genocide as if I could really make a difference. I started believing in my own power to direct the events in the world around me, whether it was something as intimate as my relationship with my mom or dad, or as encompassing as war, famine, or the pollution of our entire planet’s ecosystem. Close to 10-years later, the journey I began as a responsible leader has led to me back to my childhood dreams actually becoming reality. Mars One has chosen me as a potential candidate on a one-way mission to colonize Mars for the sake of our entire planet’s future survival. If it weren’t for the skills and tool sets I was offered by participating in the Intro, I probably would have given up long ago in believing that I can make a difference. Instead of Economics 101, or Pre-Calculus, the principles of these trainings should be promoted as required skills if we are committed to our youth.

On a side note, most of the pictures you see would never have existed if I didn’t do the trainings, because I declared I’d model and begin acting after my Experience training and very quickly an agency picked me up and got me the job you see with Asian Beauty and Style. Just more testament to the power of these trainings!