About Us


The WorldWorks Trainings are a commitment to transformational learning vs. informational or didactic learning. Didactic learning provides students with the required theoretical knowledge.

Transformational learning gives you an awareness of the basic worldview out of which you live your life. An awareness of the basic structures in which you know, think and act. From this discovery and awareness, you experience a shift that opens possibilities and opportunities unseen by you before. This shift can fundamentally transform your life. Participants begin to access qualities, thinking and actions beyond their historical limits; creating breakthrough results in their relationships, careers, health, finances and emotional well being.

The WorldWorks Trainings are experiential, meaning the cellular-learning is life long. Similarly to learning to ride a bicycle, the learning and breakthroughs are not a peak experience however, are available to you to as a life long practice.

The WorldWorks Trainings are highly personalized and support each participant in a specific way, rather than a cookie-cutter workshop.

You can count on the trainers, facilitators and staff to be a relentless commitment to your growth and transformation.

Our purpose is to empower you to live your extraordinary life and heartfelt commitments with joy, abundance and love.


To empower each WorldWorks participant to live an extraordinary life of joy, freedom, and accomplishment.

We stand that every human being has the possibility to relate and experience their life as meaningful, impactful and glorious.



The WorldWorks Trainings are experiential adult education. We utilize an experiential format to most powerfully provide long-term learning and breakthrough. Much like how we learned to ride a bike, drive a car, or be a parent, our deepest learning and growing occurs through our experience, not intellectually.

The roots of the experiential learning model date back to 1947 at the National Training Laboratories in Bethesda, Maryland. Researchers developed what was called the “process learning model” involving the use of exercises (or what we now call experiential processes) which supported participants to learn from the whole experience rather than intellectual input. NTL provided programs for government, business, industry and the public during the 1950s and 1960s. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, public seminar companies began utilizing experiential education to empower participants to access a higher degree of accomplishment and results.

The WorldWorks trainings utilize a variety of experiential processes such as interactive discussions, dyads, mingles, small group exercises, closed-eye processes, games and sharing. (See our Introductory Course Outline and Questionnaire for more information.) This experiential format allows the participant to “see themselves” in action, keeping what is effective and shifting what might be limiting the desired results.

The WorldWorks trainings are grounded in the philosophical thinking of modern Western philosophers such as Martin Heidegger, Soren Kierkegaard, and Jean-Paul Sarte. The premise of these philosophies is that human beings are not fixed entities with fixed characteristics, but rather that, we have the capacity to design ourselves, our behavior, and our lives even in the face of what looks like limiting conditions.

The purpose of the WorldWorks Trainings is to empower people to live out of their heartfelt commitments and dreams. We dedicate ourselves to the opportunity that every human being can accomplish extraordinary results, create deep and profound relationships, and live their life with an experience of freedom and passion.