The Samurai Warrior Intensive



March 15-17


6:30 p.m. registration, 7:00 Start




Keith Bentz



Your Most Fierce Competition May be the 70 Year Old Woman Sitting Next to You.

Want to find out what you are made of?
Want to experience every moment of life with exhilarating clarity and presence?

The Samurai Warrior (think the movie, “The Last Samurai”) lived with integrity, purpose and mastery. They were master warriors, poets, artists, lovers. They lived every day as if they were dying, fulling engaged and 100% invested. Imagine living YOUR life in this way.

Participation in the Samurai Game® demands a high level of personal commitment and willingness to participate. Playing the game does not, however, require a high level of physical fitness or physical contact. Men and women from 18 to 80 years old, from all walks of life, have participated fully and created tremendous value in the Samurai Game®.

The Samurai Game® is an amazingly accurate mirror that allows you to see exactly how you live your everyday life. As the game unfolds, major life opportunities will come to the surface for you to confront and deal with and breakthrough.

  • Commitment-Can you be bigger than your obstacles?
  • Courage-To know and speak your truth.
  • Power-To empower yourself and others.
  • Trust-In yourself, your team, family and the universe.

From participating in the Samurai Warrior Intensive you will leave with:

  • A profound shift in your habitual self-defeating patterns.
  • A cellular shift in your integrity to your life and to your vision.
  • Fully expressing your courage to live life fully and with honor.
  • Making choices that contribute to the whole (your team, family, workplace, community) in an impactful way.
  • A breakthrough in experiencing life from a place of power vs. feeling “had” by life’s conditions and circumstances.

This is a unique and special workshop presented to you by Inspire Coaching.

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Previous participation in Transformational Education or Personal Development Education

Friday 6:30 p.m. registration, 7:00 Start – Midnight
Saturday 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


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