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November 1-4, 2018


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Within each of us is a mastery of life, which has only to be awakened. This course is dedicated to that awakening.

Think about someone you consider a Master…past or present. Perhaps you think of an artist like Michelangelo, or someone spiritual like the Dalai Lama, or the mastery of Kobe Bryant on the basketball court.

Living in Mastery… being masterful to create extraordinary results is not limited to the great Masters. We can each reach Mastery in our lives!

Operating beyond the usual frame of reference, masters obtain results that surpass all expectations. To achieve seemingly miraculous results under the most adverse conditions is to transcend personal limitations and experience mastery.

The Masters Course:  The Truth about you and life

The Masters Course is a challenging four-day journey of discovery designed for those on a transformational journey.  Through a sequence of lecture, experiential exercises and writing assignments, participants learn and experience the art and science of mastery. Techniques are presented to increase intuitive comprehension, enhance creativity, and deepen the understanding of life. Combining tangible intellectual skills with such intangible concepts as intuition, inspiration and vision, participants discover their underlying and powerful purpose in life.

Mastery—The alignment of all that we are into a creative force in the world.

Upon completing the Masters Course, graduates typically experience a revitalization of their vision for themselves and the world. The increased ability to produce intended results is another common benefit of the course. Graduates of the Course also note a greater awareness of, and trust in, their own magnificence and that of others expanding their leadership skills.

The concepts and distinctions of the Masters Course can be applied to every situation, opportunity and circumstance of day-to-day life. By fully integrating the principles of Mastery into your life, you will have the opportunity to create increased harmony and fulfillment and results!

In The Masters Course you will:

  • Learn the distinction between changing and creating
  • Experience the power of authentic discovery
  • Learn the 5 Steps to Mastery…allowing your vision to flow through you
  • Learn to declare the future and manifest it with ease and grace
  • Experience not being “had” by your feelings, thoughts or body
  • Connect with and surrender to your true and authentic purpose

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